DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


1) From Mark:

Yo Dml!  Please do a segment on how the Freedom Caucus just saved Trump’s ass! “Phase 2 and phase 3”  were never a guarantee!! Therefore we would have been in the same boat all over again! Trump needs to start listening to the REAL CONSERVATIVES and the only men in congress who truly are speaking for we the people!! The Freedom Caucus deserves praise from Trump and his tweet this morning shows he is in bed with the RINOs right now!! A report saying Bannon told the Freedom Caucus they HAD to vote yes means they are in lock with the RINOS!! Please report on this… Thank GOD for the Freedom Caucus!

Mark P.

DML: Yo, Mark! You might enjoy reading my op-ed about Trump’s tweet. I just finished it minutes ago. Although it doesn’t go into the nuances of the bill, it does address Trump’s lack of accountability in regards to the nightmare over the past few days.

As to the bill, Trump wanted it badly, which shocks me to no end. Bottom line: it sucked. I hope he comes up with a winner real soon or his own party will avoid him like the plague because, sadly, that’s how it works in the swamp.

2) From Marcia:

DML, I have never paid much attention to politics before, think maybe because it’s so confusing. I have been learning a lot this past election. Please explain how the Republican party will ever get anything done. Explain the Caucuses.

My feelings are that the Republican party is in big trouble, they don’t stick together like the Democratic party. Unfortunately, I feel like if they don’t get it together because Trump wasn’t a politician the Republican party will have a hard time ever holding office again, because the people will most likely say it really doesn’t matter we can’t get anything done.

I have hard many people say it the older I get, it’s getting harder to convince people it is important when it doesn’t change. Trying very hard not to loss faith. Thanks for all you do and are doing.

DML: How I wish you were sitting in front of me right now. I would grab your hands and say, “Never lose faith.”

As for the Republican Party, its problem today is the same as it’s been since the day McCain lost to Obama. The GOP doesn’t know what it stands for. It has no blueprint.

The Democrats are in sync with their messaging, but not the GOP. My hope was, and is, that Trump would unify the party, but when he places his arms around Paul Ryan and pushes for a healthcare bill that looks like a revised form of Obamacare, it’s hard to pull the party together. When he blasts out tweets slamming fellow Republicans, including the Heritage Foundation of all groups, it’s hard to come together.

It occurred to me today that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And, if he does tax reform next, it’s the beginning of the end because the Democrats will not play ball, and there are so many differing opinions on the right.

I wish I had something better to say because I started off by telling you to keep the faith. President Trump will get it fixed — we keep telling ourselves this — eventually. Hopefully, we’ll be right. It won’t be easy — lots of forces vying against him. Until then, focus on the life you have and the people you love. It will bring you warmth.

3) From Bill:

Dennis, A couple Fridays ago, I think, you gave a W&T about how upset you were at President Trump to even consider this healthcare bill Ryan was proposing and hoped he would be listening to you.

I believed you had a great understanding/handle as usual on the matter,and gave adv excellent explanation as to why and what would be a better alternative.

I have tried to go back and find that W&T but to no avail. In light of the recent non-vote can you please go over your view of that bill and how not voting on it was actually a plus!?

Kindest Regards,
Bill G

DML: Trump should be doing back flips that a vote did not happen. He should be thankful for this bill’s demise, which would have been coined “TrumpCare” had it gone into law. Had it passed, and had it passed in the Senate (which it would not have), you and I would be suffering from higher premiums, and the disaster of it all would have been UNFIXABLE. Phase 2 and 3 would have NEVER HAPPENED.

The fundamentals of Obamacare cause the premiums and deductibles to inflate over time (as if they are not bad enough now). This bill did not fix that problem, and, therefore, the healthcare bill was no good. It’s not hard to understand unless you’re Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.

In a few weeks, this will be behind us, and President Trump will have dusted himself off (I hope) and launched a few more executive orders toward the development of new jobs. Hopefully, a few wins under his belt will help springboard some life back into the badly beaten GOP. Stay tuned…

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