DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


*Considering it’s a great morning following a great speech, there are 4 emails below, instead of 3. – DML

1) From Gloria 
Please only first name if you use my story!  I watch your W&T daily! I follow President on Twitter! I begged him to watch two of your episodes that pertained to him, when you nailed it! I felt like God granted my wish and last night proved it! He acted and sounded presidential! Maybe he took your advice! I prayed so hard! Thank you because I forwarded your two episodes to him privately. Thank you and God Bless, from Florida!

DML: I always talk about how many emails and news submission forms we receive on a daily basis. Well, today, I am flooded with messages like yours.

I’ve been banging the drum all week about the president’s narrative needing to change and the “fake news” messages from his Twitter account taking a back burner. It would have been easier, and far more lucrative, for me to do what other conservative pundits have done this week. Some guys have been telling the president to continue banging away with the “fake news” narrative. I can’t do that — I don’t believe it’s the way to win the war.

I mentioned “lucrative” because our numbers are down this week, I’ll admit it. There are people who gave up on me for telling the truth, and sharing my concerns (see email below). It’s amazing how people cry about “fake news,” and yet they want me to be fake. LOL. Bottom line, I’m not in this for ratings, and this ain’t about me. It’s about America being great again and the president living up to the potential we all know resides within him. He scored big last night. Amen. But today is a new day, and we must hold his feet to the fire 7 days per week, in a polite manner, of course.

Thanks for the support, Gloria.

2) From Janis E.
I am saddened & deeply ashamed to have ever voted for a democrat! The disrespect & behavior is appalling. President Trump was put in office the same way all Presidents before him & deserves the respect as all others were given. The nonsense needs to stop!! Stop acting like children who didn’t get their way. Isn’t it enough that other nations are at war? How about a little peace & harmony instead of constant uproar & nit picking. Our children/grandchildren are watching & will lead by example….shame on all of you that are acting so childish.

Note: I have always voted my conscience rather than party. And yes I voted for President Donald J Trump!

DML: Janis, I have nothing to add because you said it all. Amen!

3) From Bob F.
ABC NEWS.  They can’t find fault with what President Trump said tonight so they try to spin what he didn’t say. Not biased news but denial news.

DML:  Bob, make no mistake, that is bias by omission. This is why I bang the drum so hard about the president fighting the media differently. If he goes head-to-head with “fake news” tweets, he loses, because he feeds them what they want to chew on. The way to starve these biased news outlets is by showering them with results and strong pro-America rhetoric. What Trump did last night was force the media to write about his positive message for America. They don’t want to do that sort of thing, so they miss over the real story on purpose. Trust me, part two of this fight is when the results from Trump start to show. Then people will wonder why the media never covered the good stuff.  

4) From Linda C. 
 I watched part of your walk and talk today. You said that lately you’re sensing a disconnect. I have had a huge disconnect with you since a few days ago when you did that rant, criticizing our president.  Please hear me out, I’m being respectful here. I have followed you for many months, bought your dvds, and made sure that I caught your videos every day.  I especially appreciated your Christmas walk and talk, where you shared your home and family with us.  I do trust you.

But, you say that you speak what you believe, whether or not people like it. I want to tell you what I believe, and you might not like it. I understand  why you criticized the president. But, what was infuriating and hurtful was how you went on and on and on about it. Then, to add insult to injury, you came off like you think you’re smarter than him, and you belittled him for taking the MSM to task. I happen to think that what the MSM does is a VERY big deal. They are a HUGE part of why there is so much hatred and anger toward him and his supporters and that goes to fuel the crazy protests by the left that frequently turn into riots. People aren’t safe. They are being assaulted and properties damaged. The president does us all a favor by doing whatever he can to stop the evil that the media creates. I know you think he should stop mentioning it. Who’s going to fix it then? And why can’t we turn on the TV anymore and hear news that’s true?
I’m going to end this before it’s too long, but your rant was so offensive, that is why I have unfollowed you and we have a disconnect.

DML: Thanks for the note. We wish you the best.

NOTE: If Linda was correct, then the riots would stop, the media would have bowed to his “fake news” tweets, and the media would be great again. But, she is incorrect. Take Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, her ratings are now through the roof. The New York Times and CNN, their online ratings continue to climb. The Times reports a spike in subscriptions.  I don’t consider my explanations, rants. They are well-thought-out commentaries which express my opinions based on my experiences of various kinds. And when the day comes that I am PROVEN wrong by the results, I will say so. Until then, when the results show I am correct, I will express such successes, for it provides a greater basis for why I am worth reading and listening to. People like Linda don’t feel that way, and so they click off to somewhere else. We wish them all the very best, and we suspect they will return.

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