DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.

1) From Peggy:
DML, Trump’s new executive order…
So does this mean that those that crossed over here illegal will still be deported, and made to come back over through a proper vetting system? And will those overstaying there visas, what will happen with them?

DML: In my opinion, the executive order should have been broadened, not lessened. But this new executive order will keep the bleeding hearts less furious, so that’s nice, I guess. And, it gives the courts less to complain about, which is really nice.

One thing about the new order — that is much different than the original — is that it no longer includes Iraq. The list of seven countries is now down to just six. Did I miss the memo? When did the war-torn, ISIS-filled country of Iraq no longer become a concern for terrorists pretending to be refugees?

According to the Sec. of State, Iraq now has its act together when it comes to refugees, and so hitting the pause button on these people is not required at this time. Maybe I’m just a hard-ass, but it’s hard to pretend that I don’t see the videos, pictures, and articles that place ISIS in many areas of Iraq. Last time I looked, the country looks like a 24/7 battlefield.

The new order also excludes those people with green cards and limits the ban on Syrian refugees to 120 days — originally it was “indefinitely.”

It does call for other items which are valuable, such as calling upon countries to report honor killings.

It does not include the vetting of border crossers, nor does it include the vetting of those here on expired visas. It’s focus, for the most part, is on refugees from just 6 countries.

Overall, what’s my take? It’s sort of like the answer my son gives me when I ask why he didn’t mow the entire lawn. He says, “At least the backyard is cut.”  It’s the glass-half-full mentality, and I get it. But when it comes to national security and terrorism, I’d rather look at where the glass-is-half-empty.

Let’s not forget, it only took 19 terrorists to kill 3,000+ people on 9/11. Saudi Arabia, where are they on the list? Turkey, Pakistan, the list goes on… Why aren’t they on the list?

I stick to my guns and say, until we completely lower the total number of people we take in each year, we will never have proper vetting, and this means we will never be as safe as we could and should be. Call me Denny Downer, but only a small part of the lawn is cut. But hey, I know what you’ll tell me, “It’s a start.”

2) From Erniel:
DML,  Could you explain how Russia could have “influenced” the 2016 elections since they keep mentioning it in the news? If we the people already made up our minds that we’re voting for Trump even before these allegations came out, what can and how are the Russians culpable of interfering in our election process? The Russians didn’t change the results and they didn’t choose for me at the polls, I did. – Erniel P

DML: I’m going to be short in my answer here because I’ve discussed this a million times over, and my words are always the same. There is no evidence proving Russia “influenced” the election. This is purely a talking point from the Democrats, and their friends in the media, who use it to take the focus away from why Hillary really lost the election (she was a terrible candidate), and to put the spotlight on Trump and his, so-called, “ties to Russia.”   They will beat the “Russia” drum for the next four years with the hope that it helps him lose the 2020 election.

3) From Melva:
Hey DML, I’ve been a loyal supporter of President Donald J. Trump, since the primary. I was glad Ben Carson supported him, after dropping out of the race. Other Ohio folks were voting for Kasich, and he won our state. Something about him didn’t sit well with me.

Joining the Trump Train has been an awesome experience. I woke up! I didn’t have to be silent. I donated, I took surveys, polls, signed petitions, I joined and support like minded folks that follow DML. I attended two Trump rallies….what a treat! I get emails from President Trump to share my thoughts. I take DML polls. I have an outlet to speak out.

President Trump’s speech hit the ball out of the park! I’m all in!

I really do feel that “we the people” are being heard. Your news is the only source, I can read and trust, daily. I love my DML app! Stay strong and true! God Bless you and your team! God Bless President Trump and his team, and God Bless America! MJ

DML: Melva, politics is not a spectator’s sport. People have to get involved, and I am proud of you for getting so engaged.

IMPORTANT: Although President Trump uses the phrase, “Make America Great Again,” it’s not his job to make the country great again…, it’s our job. Therefore, keep up the great work and don’t ever quit!!!

Thank you for the kind words. There are days when I wish I did something else — something more fun, but then I get emails like yours and, suddenly, I love what I do.

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