DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me

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Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are three I’ve received in the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


DML, Although I voted for Trump, I did not vote for him because I like him as a person.  I voted for him because I could not support Hillary Clinton.  I am registered as an Independent and I am one of the rare people who voted for Trump at the very last second with the hope he would improve the areas that most effect my life.  I want to be very clear…..”I do not base my vote on a party.”  I tell you this because I love how you forecast things correctly all the time.  I think you can do this for many reasons, but most of all because you do it from what I believe is an independent point of view.  Here is my question to you…. I am not happy with the Trump presidency after nearly six months because I feel his focus is not where it should be.   I don’t care who it is we blame for this, all I know is healthcare is getting worse and more expensive by the day and nobody wants to work with Trump to fix it.  I am paying too much in my taxes and I do not see reform coming this year.  He has missed many low hanging items he could have solved such as killing the DACA program and implementing mandatory e-verify.  He promised these things during the campaign but he did not deliver! He could have killed DACA on day one of his presidency without any help from congress or pushback from the courts.  I know he is making some advancements with the economy, but although the stock market is doing well, most people like myself do not have the money to own stocks.  I am not feeling the upside of Wall Street booming.  I need my heatlhcare prices lowered, my taxes lowered, my money to stop paying for illegals to get welfare, and I want my schools to stop offering free stuff to people who shouldn’t be here.  Do you think President Trump will get these things done soon?  If he does not, I will vote for whoever the Democrat is in 2020.  I have 20 co-workers who are also independent voters, they say they will not vote for Trump again if he doesn’t get these things done.  If they run someone like Sanders they say they just will not vote. Will he lose 2020?

DML: You are asking me to do the impossible.  I cannot forecast the winner of 2020 considering I do not know who Trump will be running against.  I do know that you are not alone is your disgust.  I get the emails and comments by the hundreds.  People are getting antsy and they no longer care who is at fault.  Therefore, you bring up a good point by saying whether it’s Trump fault or not, he will take the blame.  I suggest he tackles some of the items you pointed out about immigration so that he gets his base of Independent voters to see progress.  I think his focus should become more laser-like.  I understand that avid Trump supporters care less about his tweets, but the everyday Joe and Jane see the tweets as silly.  Put it all together and people like yourself are angry about getting tweets about fake news on the same day your paycheck reflects the reality of where we stand.

The president has been on a Twitter binge today.  I have come to the conclusion he will never stop tweeting.  There is nothing you, I, or his family can do to stop him.  History books will be filled with hashtags when they refer to President Trump.  What a shame.

DML: Today he tweeted that the MSM wants him to stop tweeting. Unfortunately, he could not be more incorrect in his statement.  The more he tweets, the more money the media earns.  The more he tweets about fake news and Russia, the more ammo they have to talk about him negatively.  I thought he was smarter than this, to be honest.

I think Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones because she wants to make conservatives look like conspiracy nuts.  Do you agree?

DML: No.  My take is so very different.  My take is Megyn interviewed Jones to get back at Trump. First, Megyn has never gotten over her battle with Trump. Second, she knows the majority of Americans will see Alex Jones as an alt-right nut case.  So what she does is she highlights Jones’ most outrageous claims, e.g. Sandy Hook was a hoax, and then she ties him to Trump.  She does this by emphasizing that Trump supports Jones, and that Trump has appeared on his show, and that Trump thanked Jones for helping the Trump / Pence ticket win 2016.   Now put it all together.  People who are on the fence about President Trump, especially those who voted for him but are now debating whether doing so was a mistake (see Laura), will turn against Trump for good.  Thus, he won the battle, but she wins the war.  I know Megyn, and I am CERTAIN this is the underlying reason for the interview whether she admits it or not.

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