DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me. My last answer will blow your mind.

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Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are several of them from the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.



In the event of a government shutdown, if that happens, what would be affected? Can you explain please, thank you for your hard work and your team ..wish you all the best..TD*

DML: President Trump signed a one-week extension to provide lawmakers with more time to get their act together. But, without an agreement, the government would partially shut down. Many federal employees would be furloughed, but those considered essential would continue to work.  For example, FBI agents, air-traffic controllers, and US Postal Service workers, etc.

The national parks would close, and you’d probably experience long hold times and receive abbreviated answers if you called into specific government offices.   In short, it’s not as dire as they make it appear, unless you’re a government worker.

DML!!! Love the work.  You see the article floating around Facebook about a big meeting with TV heavies who want to start a network to compete with Fox?   I see you headlining at 8pmET.  LOL

DML: Yes, many people sent me the article.  From what I read — and assuming it is true — there’s a good chance that Newsmax, The Blaze, and or One America News Network were involved in the meeting because it stated “existing conservative TV networks underperforming.”

In my opinion, and from what I know FIRST HAND, no investor with half a brain would insert their money into two of the three mentioned.  I don’t know enough about the third.  Either way, the amount of money needed to get these places to operate effectively is immeasurable.  Not to mention the ego issues that exist.

Plus, have you ever looked at the video count numbers for Newsmax and OANN?  I could go on and on and on.   The programming and modeling at these places do not work on a large scale.  Therefore, I’ll ignore the article and remain on track with what we are doing.  So far, we are ahead of schedule, under budget, and my plan continues to prove itself despite the crap we get from Facebook.  Plus, my model doesn’t include leadership from “underperforming” organizations.  Harlan and I are discussing the idea of raising millions of dollars.  If we do, it’s lights out for these other places. 🙂  However, doing such a thing is like selling your time away.  I have so little “me” time as it is.  Thus, I’m just not there yet, mentally.

I love you DML.  Love Harlan, Miss Mary and Scarlett too.  Love all your writers.  I am so mad about how Facebook treats your page.  Three times this week your page was UNLIKED by me.  Only problem is I didn’t hit the UNLIKE button.  Every time it happened I had to go back in and click LIKE.  I get problems like this on a daily basis but never with other pages.  Is there anything you or we can do?   And you do you think Jesse Watters will be fired?

DML:  JW being fired, I have no idea.
If I had a dollar for every email I get like yours, I’d be able to afford a vacation to Hawaii once a month.   Tomorrow, I will write a post showing screenshots that depict how badly Facebook screws with us.  The NUMBERS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Until then, here is a preview…

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.22.45 AMLeft leaning, anti-Trump outlet, Huffington Post, puts out an anti-Trump video.  It is shared only 200 times, but gets 100k views.

Left leaning NY Times posts a LIVE video from NYC about restaurants.  In other words, they put out completely meaningless “news.”   Even so, it was shared 280 times and received a total of 290k views.Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.19.46 AM

Unfortunately, as of late, despite our average Walk & Talk video being shared 1,500 times per episode, we receive only 60k views on average.  How does that math work?

But before you say it’s a war on all conservatives, take into account that Fox News isn’t having the same issue.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.16.38 AMYesterday, Fox put up a video that received 1k shares and was viewed 1.3M times.

So, if you take the numbers for HuffPo and NY Times, and you equate them against those of Fox News, they all fall in line with each other.  Meaning, the ratios are equal.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.34.36 AMFor example, if you take the NY Times video above and increase its share count by 4X, theory is it would equate to 1M views (give or take).

Thus, Fox and NY Times are operating under the same Facebook formula.

But now look at us.  In addition to what I mentioned above about our daily Walk & Talks, look at the screenshot of a W&T from last year. We had a share count of 41k and received just 760k views.  I don’t have a calculator handy, but if we were measured by the same ratio as Fox, NY Times, and HuffPo — in other words, if we weren’t being screwed with on a daily basis — our numbers would be breaking the doors down, and we’d be leading every news outlet there is.

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