DML: I Respond to 4 of Your Emails plus post photos


Each day we receive lots of emails from our readers.  Today, I respond to 4 of them.  Plus, I post some of the photos you sent me.

If you want to sent a photo, email it to [email protected]  To send a message, use the submit news button.

Bill Maher. Turned on his show to hear what Donna Brazil had to say.  I am furious.   I got the impression he was watering down all the negative things she wrote about Hillary.  He was feeding her answers.  I had to tap out…could stand the lies and hate.   Why  go on TV and agree with Maher that the faults written about Hillary in her book are water  under the dam.  DML you keep me sane . Thanks

DML: I can’t understand why Tucker Carlson of Fox News gave her air time last week.  She was a liar during the campaign — she is a liar after the campaign — her book carries no credibility in my opinion.  Thus, she fits in perfectly with the Clintons and Bill Maher.

Hi DML. My name is Jen and I am 52 years old and my best era is the 80’s. I graduated high school and Ronald Reagan was my President.

DML:  The reaction I received from asking the question about what was the best era in the USA was overwhelming.  That said, it’s pretty clear that people who are around our age (50’s) claim the best time to be alive was during the 80’s.  People who are 70-years and up say it was the 50’s.

Mr. Lynch I caught the first part of The Truth on Friday morning during the live broadcast but Facebook was seriously acting up.  I got a lot of spinning and the experience was so bad that I figured I would watch you on the playback on your website.  However there is no video.  I cannot find it on the DML app or the Facebook page.  Please direct me to where it is on Youtube or the website! Love your show.

DML: Tom, the show wasn’t all that great to be honest.  The technical issues were more than I’ve experienced in the past and it was really frustrating.  It is rare for me to lose my spirit, but I felt defeated Friday because here I am trying to honor our veterans — one of whom is my father — and what do I get?  Issues with Facebook and YouTube.  We didn’t post the video on Facebook and I did not post it to YouTube.  There were just too many connectivity issues during the program.  I apologize for you not being able to see it in full.   BTW, as for the spinning…  If you get spinning I suggest two things.  (1) If you are on the FB App.  Close out, then come back on.  (2) If you are on a desktop or laptop, clear your cache and then try again.  If neither of these things work, turn off both devises and then turn them back on.

You are no longer in my Facebook news feed and I no longer get alerts.  I barely see any of your posts anymore.  I am pissed off.  What can I do?

DML:  Before I answer, I urge you to get the DML APP before you do anything else, this way you can stay connected to us without Facebook being the conduit.  Click here for information about how to get the DML APP.
That said, I have reached a boiling point with Facebook — clearly they are pulling strings that in my opinion are unethical.  We have spent a fair amount of money with them, and we have invested heavily in products they solicit publishers like myself.  We are honest, we do not post hate or fake news, and we do not break from their community standards.  In short, we do nothing wrong, and as I said, we’ve paid them good money.

They continue to ratchet us back and keep us from people who want to be part of our page.

We now LOSE more Page Likes each day then we receive, which is IMPOSSIBLE considering our popularity online.  How is it happening?  One possible answer is that people all day long complain to us that our page was “mysteriously unliked.”   Look at the screenshot posted above.  Next to my photo is a comment left about how Facebook removed our page from a lady who had us marked as SEE FIRST.  I get these sort of messages ALL DAY LONG.   Our page should be growing by the thousands each day, but it’s not the case.  Our page has witnessed its slowest growth in 2017, meanwhile, our website is having its best year when measured by traffic.  How does that equate?

I also have another group of people now telling me not all our posts are showing on our own timeline via the Facebook app. In other words, if you go direct to our timeline, Facebook is not showing our posts in full.  As a practice, we post a new articles every 20-minutes, sometimes every 15-minutes.  We are being told that people go to our timeline and will see a gap of 4 or 5 hours between posts.  Outrage! Forget about not being in your feed, if you come to our page you will be kept from seeing what we posted.  That’s censorship at its best.

My suggestion is you contact Facebook and express how upset you are (without cursing).  Be polite and say you want the nonsense to end or you’re going to report this to the press and investor relations.  Perhaps if 5k people complain at once they will get the point.  The email for FB that is posted publicly is: [email protected]


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