DML: I Respond to 4 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day I receive a lot of messages from the DML readership.  Today, I answer 4 of them.

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I suspect your poll about rating the president’s first 6 months will result in most people voting for GREAT simply because Americans who voted for Trump want to see their vote turn into something positive.  Others will vote GREAT simply because they are blinded by what is really going on in DC and throughout the country.  I voted FAIR because there are numerous things Trump could do which he does not.  DACA and NAFTA are two of them.  Both hurt wages.  I also find him to have a lack of discipline at times and Don Jr. lied to us on TV.  That in my opinion reflects on Trump.  I am sure I will take a beating in your comments section but I can’t hold back how I fee.  I am a proud owner of a Make America Great Again (and I love the MAGA swimsuit story you posted yesterday).   God bless you DML, feel better soon.  I miss W&T.

DML: I voted Good, but I wanted to vote FAIR.  Mentally, we are all so tired of the Russia crap that when given a chance to grab something positive we jump.  Thus, my upgrading my selection to Good.

I submitted my application for one of the jobs you posted this weekend.  When should we expect to hear back if we are being considered?  Please pick me!!!  This house loves DML.

DML:  We’ll be hiring no less than 10 contractors from now until September 1.  Thanks for applying.

Hi DML.  I hope you can address a few things for me.
1. Did you eliminate the chat box on videos? I don’t see available.
2. I read some of the comments from readers who were upset with you about tweeting to Ann Coulter.  Why do you not like her?
3. I know you’re not doing the Walks & Talks until your health improves, but do you still receive our gifts?  I sent you two t-shirts and want to be sure they are received at some point.

DML:  1. Yes, we eliminated the chat box.

2. Yes, we receive gifts to our post office box each day and we remain very humbled by it all.  When the Walk & Talk program resumes I will share some of those gifts with the audience.  I do not know when I will begin Walk & Talk again.  I know it’s not until mid August at best.  I might try a sit and talk this week.  But no promises.

3. As for the Ann Coulter tweet, if given a second chance I probably would have sent a more mature message. But celebs like Ann manipulate people for the sake of enriching themselves.  This is my opinion, I could be wrong. Either way I do not like her — I find Ann’s rhetoric to be hateful.  Her tweeting pictures of people looking confused as they sit in their plane seats was ridiculous.  It wasn’t the fault of the passengers.  She’s a hater!  And she did all of this over $30?  That said, I probably allowed my emotions to get the best of me.  A rare moment. Although, I did tweet her again last night.  Note to self: STOP tweeting ANN.  Ok, DONE.

Hi Dennis, Tonight we decided to enjoy some dinner at Robert Moses State Park (Long Island), it’s about 25 minutes from where we live.  The place at 7:00pm in the evening was still very crowded, the parking lot was a melting pot of Latino, Muslim, Indian, Black , Asian & White people.  White being the minority.

All I can say is from someone who spent my days there as a teenager some 20+ years ago, I was in shock, the place was full of what I would characterize a sanctuary beach of refugees, gangs, foreigners from other countries. These people are not here to be Americans, they are definitely not assimilating (I can send you a photo of foreign women on the beach dressed in European outfits with ladies shoes, I could not attach it in this message), after tonight’s encounter, its really sad to say what’s happening in Europe is already here.

DML:  There is no question the demographic in this country is changing at a pace that is neck breaking.  In one hand you have immigration.  It’s been decades now that we’ve been taking in more than 1,000,000 people per year legally.  Since 9/11, we’ve taken in more people from the Middle East than any other region.  Tack on the influx of illegal immigrants and you’ve got a massive wave of people from foreign lands WHO have more children than the average American.

In your second hand you have a shrinking middle class, which is mostly White.   With so much pressure on the middle class, families are having less children.  Thus, clap your hands together and you are at Robert Moses Park.

There are so many areas in the U.S. that no longer look and operate like they did when we were kids.  For example, back in my hometown on Long Island the neighborhood I grew up in is totally unrecognizable.  People from the Middle East have taken over the majority of homes, and the number of stores selling clothing specifically for Muslims and Indians is incredible.

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