DML: I Respond to 4 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive thousands of messages and emails. Below are four that I’ve received in the past 24 hours, and the response I’ve given to each. NOTE: I do not include the last name of the sender unless they explicitly request that I do so.


There is little question in my mind that the president reads your letters to him, and I think he has been watching your Walk & Talks for a long time.  If he is not watching them, then someone else close to him is watching and then conveying the information to him.  If it were once or twice, or even three times that Trump repeated your words or followed your suggestions, I would mark it as a coincidence, but it has happened constantly for the past 10 months, if not longer.  Prior to his departure for overseas meetings, you looked into the camera during the Walk & Talk and told us how you would tell him to stop the tweets and why.  Then last week you sent a letter about the tweets and how they should be formatted.   He is now following your advise to perfection.  This is just one example.  Dang it… You need to be in that White House!!!!  I also think you’d find the leaker.  Thanks for all you do.

DML:  I would find that leaker, you can bet your toes on that one.  Thanks for the kind words.

I have seen things over the last few days about Hannity being taken off the air.  At this point I do not trust Fox, and so I think it is possible.  I really do believe if we the people who elected Trump would bind together and boycott these advertisements that it could make a difference.  I really trust your opinion so that is why I am asking you.  I really wish some fair people would put a tv show back on that tells the truth instead of what is being told on the media.  If they take Hannity off the air I will stop watching news media.  I will just get my info from your app as I do that now.

DML:  I appreciate you using our APP as I believe the information we put out is the best information in news.  I work 7-days per week, never a day off.  A day off for me is working 6 hours.  Seriously, that’s not a joke. Yesterday, for example, I worked from 7am to noon.  Then I took a few hours off and came back from 6p-7p.  The six hours away felt like a day off.  I wish it were not like that, but it is, so when people like yourself tell me you rely on the APP and the DML website, it offers fuel to keep me going.  This month is our best month this year in terms of web traffic, so we are headed in the right direction.

That said, Hannity’s show is under attack.  Having lost 6 advertisers, there will be more to follow — be it soon, or in the future — there will be more.  At some point, Sean will search for another venue.  Remember, he has a huge radio show and a “key man out” clause which is in full effect now that Roger Ailes is no longer in the CEO seat at Fox.  However, he probably has a non-compete of some kind.  If he loses the show, or if he jumps ship, I would like to see him work in the White House.  I think he could help President Trump considerably.   As for boycotts, they never work unless they are huge movements.  I don’t see Hannity getting that sort of widespread support.

How can Trump have Jared Kushner as an advisor when he is a liberal democrat. Using family is not always the best thing. Do you agree?

DML: When it comes to ridding of Kushner, the president is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t.  That said, I do not think Trump would fire a family member, but at the same time Trump does hates bad press.

Unfortunately, the president hasn’t painted himself into a corner with this one because if he keeps him around, the Trump supporters remain uncomfortable.  But if he rids of the liberal-leaning Kushner the media will be like sharks in bloody water.  At this point, my advice would be to keep him on the team, but keep him out of the day to day operations.

You know I swear it’s as if the President is listening to you. I tune in everyday. Usually not live because I work as a security office at a university in Florida. My hours are not that of a normal person. I believe President Trump trust you in that you have your finger on the pulse of America. Things you discuss with us before anyone, seems to come to fruition days later. Such as his  tweets. They have been on point with an important narrative that we truly care about. I believe Trumps tweets as of late, can sway some liberals and people on the fence to support him. Keep up with your letters. I know you are grinding your brain, and your fingers to the Bone everyday. But I think your messages are getting through. I truly do.. God bless you and yours, And god bless America.

DML: Getting lots of emails like yours.  Thanks!

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