DML: I Respond to 5 Interesting Emails You Sent Me

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The DML readership sends me messages throughout the day, every day.  Today, I respond to 5 of the messages.

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There are so many theories out there about the LV shooter and so far you are the only person I hear making complete sense about who he is and why he did it. According to the police you’ve been accurate on two of your assessments so far and I commend you for well-thought out explanations.

When everyone else was jumping the gun claiming there were two or three shooters coming from multiple floors you told us early on how light bounces off mirrored buildings at night and therefore it was a single shooter.  I never thought of it like you explained.  Days after your explanation the cops explained how the reflections caused them confusion as to where Paddock was stationed.  I was like… DML is brilliant.

Then you boldly claimed he acted alone in his shooting and that he acted alone in his prepping and carrying out of the event.  Last night the sheriff’s department said that Paddock was the only shooter and no evidence of an accomplice is present.   This means they’ve looked at all the evidence and come away with the same outcome you forecasted.

I’ve been following you since the first time I saw you on Megan Kelly’s show on Fox News.  You caught my eye because you were warning of illegal immigration when no other person on TV was warning about it.

You outlined how Trump would be the president and why.   You said there would not be a brokered convention. You supported your predictions of the election with amazing analysis including what would be the electoral college outcome.

You predicted the polls and then they would turn in Trump’s favor TO THE DAY in which it happened.

You told us early on…. before anyone else….. how the progressives would use Russia to try to bring down Trump.

You told us that Jill Stein would not impact the election with her recount and that that the delegates would not play games in confirming Trump president.

You told us that Trump would not get any significant bills passed by September 1 and that the GOP would work against him.

Months ago you said Trump would use DACA as a way to get his wall approved, but you also said this was a mistake because the wall will never go up completely because of lawsuits and environmentalist groups.  You are being proven correct on all of this.

You said early in the year that Trump and the GOP should rely on tax reform as the first bill to pass because it would make it easier to get Democrats to support Trump’s other agenda items.  They did not listen and made some stupid excuse saying that tax reform couldn’t be done unless they repealed Obamacare first.  That strategy has proven itself wrong and here they are trying get tax reform completed.  They should have listened to you.

You’ve said that Michelle Obama will run for president in 2020.  I don’t know if you’ll be correct but you also said Mark Cuban would run.  He is now speaking about running.  Therefore I fear you will be correct about Obama.

You always get this stuff correct and I was wondering how that is?  How do you do it DML and why don’t you get more media attention like Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Mark Levin or Ben Shapiro who often get things wrong?

DML: Holy cow! What an email. Where do I start?

To answer your questions as a whole, I would say it’s a combination of factors.   But I am not always spot on. Just ask Mary.  LOL.

In terms of my thinking about Vegas. It’s an array of factors that drive my thinking.  (1) My step-father was a detective.  (2) I’ve interviewed so many cops, military members, attorney generals, lawyers, prosecutors, FBI agents, SEALS, and criminals that I understand the thinking, and the processes.  (3) When it comes to terror and crime of massive levels, I don’t believe in conspiracies, and I often find the simple explanation to be the best approach.  I think Paddock worked alone because that’s the sort of person he was.   It’s hard for other people to imagine Paddock doing what he did alone.  But I look at his profile and I can’t see him working with another person for a year in getting ready.  He’s a loner; a psychopath; and a rich man who relied on numbers.  He’d have no patience for an accomplice, nor did he need one.   What he carried out was not all that hard when you look at the timeframe and positioning.  I’m trying to understand what triggered him, and that’s hard to do considering the limited information available.  But I’m working on it.

As for policy and politics, I’ve traveled this country multiple times by car and rail in making my films and doing news reports.  It allows me to see what’s going on.  Be it Wall Street, Main Street, or K Street,  I meet with people and try to understand their problems and motivations.  I communicate on a daily basis with people like yourself via email, Walk & Talks, etc.  I read no less than 200 news articles each day, and I write no less than 10,000 words per day about news and politics.   I think I have my finger on the pulse of America.  It takes a lot of work on my part, but it allows me to understand people, the media, and politics.  This sort of insight provides me with a clear view into how things will pan out, and how problems could be solved. It also provides me with insight about why problems DON’T get solved.  That said, I don’t have some magical crystal ball.  If I did, I’d play LOTTO.

As for your “DML in the media” question.  I no longer seek the mainstream attention.  I used to pay PR firms to constantly push my name to TV producers and radio shows.  For a long stretch, not a day passed where I wasn’t doing an interview.  But the novelty wore off.  Today, I find it to be time consuming, bland, and limited.   Periodically, I’ll reach out to Hannity or a contact at Fox, but it never goes beyond that.

Between our Facebook pages, Walk & Talk, Twitter account, DML App, and websites, we reach more than 20 million people each month.  That’s enough for me.  Plus, I’m the guy in charge, so I don’t have to submit my talking points in advance or give up an entire day to travel into NYC to be on FOX for a 3-minute hit.  Plus, I don’t like the plastics involved.  Meaning, having makeup applied and having to dress up in a way that I don’t like dressing — e.g., putting on a sports coat and tie.  And from an egotistical standpoint, I had my own show and it was number one every day I had it on Newsmax.  My Walk & Talk gets more live viewers than any other political show on Facebook.  Thus, I’ve moved past being “a guest” on Fox or CNN.  Plus, and more importantly, I have people like you.  You folks hitting the share button to spread my full commentary is far more powerful than me being cut off mid-sentence so a Fox News host can cut to a commercial for ‘My Pillow” and “Buy Gold from Leer Capital.”

I think you are delusional DML.  I used to like you but you’ve lost your edge.  All the evidence points to Paddock having help.  All the videos show there are multiple shooters.  The feds are totally covering up information.  Maybe you should stop knocking Alex Jones and start watching him instead.  I’m done with you.

DML:  Politely, I think I’ll pass on your invitation.  But please keep me up to date about the click-bait theories. I’m anxious to see how he and others link Paddock to Pizzagate, 9-11, Sandy Hook and Soros.

Jody from Texas

Thanks Dennis! Representing proudly from South Texas. On a side note, can you make hats that are more friendly for the girls? The hat is a little big for my petite head that God gave me. Lol.

DML: Jody, you look beautiful with your DML hat on.  We just received a new batch from our wonderful supplier, Candy Miller.  Some pink hats in there, and she says we’re getting in visors soon.  Thank for the support.  The bumper sticker looks so cool.

UPDATE: We’ve hit 17,000 bumper stickers sold.  Looking to hit that magic 20k number!

Mike Allen at Axios wrote Facebook will require ads that are targeted to people based on “politics, religion, ethnicity or social issues” to be manually reviewed before they go live.   What are your thoughts DML?  Also, I used to get the notifications on the DML app about your what and talks but I no longer do.  Why is that?  DML, will you be doing a walk and talk sometime on Saturday?

DML: Unfortunately, Facebook is becoming a publisher instead of a platform.  By dictating what is and what is not user friendly, the company is shifting gears and it could potentially backfire on them.  That said, I’ve been doing business with Facebook for years and have been subject to their rules.  It’s driven me to the point of where I don’t spend my money with them like I would and could if they’d ease up on the restrictions.  On a complete side note: I ran into an issue with Facebook yesterday.  I contacted someone at FB in NY and was treated very nicely by the agent.  I was in shock.  First time in a long time they treated me like a human being.

As for the DML APP alerts giving warning to the upcoming Walk & Talk programs….

We made a change last month.  It used to be that the DML APP alert system was driven by our Tweets. But we changed that because people complained about getting too many alerts.  Therefore, the DML APP users get alerts only when there is breaking news.   When I am about to do a Walk & Talk, I tweet out an alert using our 40404 system.  Therefore,  DML APP users will receive notification about Walk & Talk ONLY if they are signed up the 40404 text alerts.   To do that, dial 40404 and text: follow @realDennisLynch  (Put a space between “follow” and “@.”   I will be doing a WT later in the afternoon today — sometime after noon.

Hannity said Obama is the one to ok bump stocks,  my question is if that is true do you think he did so — I hate to think like this — hoping a shooting like this would happen to go after semi automatic long guns. We argued semi. Are not fully, and now we cant.  Thank you

DML: The bump stock was approved during the Obama administration, not by Obama himself.  The government said the bump stock was not deemed part of the gun, but rather an accessory.  They did not deem the device as something that made a semi automatic operate as a fully automatic.

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