DML: I Respond to 5 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day I respond to some of the emails and messages sent in to me each day.  Today, I answer 5.

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Hi DML, I miss watching your daily show so much!  I have a question.  I’ve heard that the DOJ  may be investigating Hillary secretly.  If this is the case, would the President know that?  Is he kept informed on these high profile investigations?  Keep up the great work!   Have a great weekend!

DML: I miss doing them as much as you miss watching them.  I had planned to do a video yesterday — record it — and post it to Youtube, but I was called away on a family matter in the morning.  I did not return home until 10pm.  I had no chance to do much of anything.  As for your question, the president will communicate with his AG, and information will fall into his lap, but the president does not get engaged or involved in those matters.

I just saw posts that Trump just legalized the killing of endangered elephants by allowing trophy hunters to bring dead elephant heads, feet, and tails into the United States. Is this true?! If so, what would be the reasoning for this?

DML: Sometimes Trump sets traps for himself by creating headlines he does not need.  This is one of those times.  That said, the Trump admin was going to lift the ban, but then DT announced Friday that he has delayed his decision on whether to maintain or eliminate an Obama-era prohibition on the import of trophies, like the tusks or skull, from elephants hunted for sport in Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Critics believe it would put elephants at greater risk of extinction.   Either way, I am scratching my head why this needs to be addressed now with tax reform on center stage.   It gives fuel to liberals who write columns that include statements like this: “The Trump family has taken an interest in big game hunting in the past. The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., hunted and killed an elephant on a trip to Zimbabwe with his brother Eric Trump in 2012. ”

All I have to say is I miss The Truth.  I used to watch the walk and talk live programs you would do in the street, but they were not my style to be perfectly honest.  I never cared much for Harlan and you together because I felt it took too long to get the passion and information out of you on the topics covered.   You really captured lighting in a bottle with the new version of The Truth.  It has a radio feel but looks like TV. Yet it is still down to earth with you wearing a baseball hat and sweatshirt and fussing around with the controls to play videos and such.  I just LOVE the program and I am furious with Facebook taking you off the air.   I have never ever once thought you pushed the envelope too far.  There should be no reason for anyone to complain with a legitimate claim.  These other shows don’t do what you do.  I’ve tried the two black sisters but they don’t know what they are talking about.  I tried Jay Sokalow and he’s too dry.  I’ve tried them all and none of them are like you DML.  I don’t know what your plan is but I hope you come up with something really soon because I see myself losing interest in what is going on in the news and politics.  I read your app all day long but its not the same as having you part of my day.  Sorry to put such pressure on you at a time when you are probably battling on so many fronts but I wanted to lend my support in the only way I know how.  I truly miss you man!  (PS — There are so many people who publish pages who are requesting to speak with you about how they have been in Facebook jail.  I see these comments from people on various threads.  If you want their names reply back and I can get them for you.)

DML: I appreciate it.   I spent most of this week juggling conversations with a lawyer, video player vendors, my tech guy, and Mary.  I have been discussing all the options and where it’s best for us to move next.  Do we sue, do we focus on building out our own platform, do we move to YouTube or Twitter, will we risk  facing this crap no matter where we go, etc, etc.

I am taking this next week to measure all the possibilities.  Either way, one thing is for certain… I will be back on air somewhere and somehow in the first week of December.  That’s our immediate plan.  We also started ramping up the DML APP for version 2.0, so that we can reach people with video regardless of what happens with Facebook.  It’s going to cost more than I like to admit, but what’s my choice, quit?  I won’t do that!

As for these other publishers who are trying to reach out to me, or asking me to contact them.  I appreciate the advise and requests, but I have a rule that I’m not about to break.  I don’t get involved in other publishers’ businesses, and I don’t ask them to get involved in mine.  I don’t post the links of other publishers, and I don’t ask them to post mine.  I made that rule after a few bad experiences.  Not trying to be rude, but I don’t need their help and I don’t have help to offer when it comes to Facebook. I will be staying in my own lane on this one.

DML, Please develop this DML App for Kindle tablets! Losing The Truth from fb, as I imagine we will, it becomes almost impossible to be kept updated. Some of us oldsters have limited options on our cell phones, and it would be great to be kept in the loop! Keep up the great work, and thank you!

DML: If there is one upside in being kept out of Facebook by the evil-doers who pull the strings over there, it’s that it is forcing us to speed up our development of the DML APP version 2.0.   Yesterday, we had conference calls with the biggest “LIVE chat” providers on the web.  We’ve been speaking to LIVE stream services.  We’ve reached out a few “platforms” that are trying to compete with Facebook to see if we can either buy them, partner, etc.  Hang in there — we are moving quickly towards alternatives to Facebook, although I will admit we haven’t given up on there being a happy ending with them.  But in order for that to happen, I want more than reinstatement.  I want the BS to stop completely, or else it’s potentially headed for a courtroom.  That said, I would rather be a partner than an enemy.

You probably already know, but Facebook is giving you even more trouble. I can like an article and even comment on it.  But then several hours later I will see the same article come back up unliked and no comment from me. They are censoring you in every way possible. I am a big fan of yours. I drive a truck actually, owner operator.  I am all over the United States and I see firsthand the trouble we are having. Good luck my friend.

DML: Thanks Kyle for the hard work and long hours to put in.  Truckers are a rare breed of people, and as a former supplier of computers and peripherals, I relied on you guys to ship our goods throughout the country.  Truckers are always down to earth, no BS people.  My sort of people!



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