DML: I Respond to 6 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive a nice flow of emails and messages from our readers and viewers. Today, I respond to 6 of them.  Plus, I post a few photos you sent me.

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DML, I never post a comment on your LIVE feed.  I prefer just to watch and listen. But I do read the comments from time to time, and there is a love for you like I have never seen before in news and politics.  Not since the days of Reagan, has someone connected with people in the way you do.  Not since Oprah has there been a broadcaster who receives the sort of love and admiration you do.  I am sorry for comparing you to Oprah but I cannot think of another person who was so admired for simply being themselves.  I want to commend you on being yourself and I wish Facebook didn’t give you such a hard time.  Your show should be watched by millions instead of thousands. The chart you showed of the money going to foreign nations was something I had never seen before.  Great job.

DML: I am humbled. Thank you.

I took your poll about the wins posted by the Democrats on election night and it has me terrified.  So many of us worked so hard to get Trump elected with a full congress of Republicans.  We aren’t seeing much in return.  I admire Trump and his resolve to fight, but he’s not getting it done the way I thought he would be.  I do blame the media and congress for not trying to help him more but he is too hell bent on his nightly news clippings and poll ratings.  If he listened to you more often he would be in better shape and so would we.  I hope your audience remembers that we are Trump supporters and still struggling to see the upside in his presidency.  Imagine what the independents feel like who can care less about him as a person and care just about their own situations.  I think we are in trouble.  Thank you for what you do DML.

DML: I think we’re in trouble, as well, and I have said such since June.

Did you vote on Tuesday?  You told us all to vote and I’m wondering if you did.

DML: Yes, I voted at 7:30 p.m. My candidates lost.

It has been just two days…. but…. i love the videos you post before your show opening…. i love to see the old stuff you’ve done and people you have met… can you please give me a hint to what today’s video will be?

DML: Lol. Amel, you may have to get out of the house more often! Just kidding. Like you, I love the concept. I have fun making them, to be honest. I’ve produced a total of 40 in the last few days. I will produce another 10 today, and then take a rest until the 50 run dry. I will then make another 50. I have enough video to last years. Today’s video is not political, whatsoever. It’s of me playing football when I was in my late 30s.

With all that is going on lately within the Republican Party, and obviously the Dems, IF you ran for president, would you consider running as an Independent? I am hoping your answer is a yes. Reason being is that the Republicans have the House, the Senate, The White House, and the Supreme Court, yet they still cannot find their way to doing the people’s work. I think this next election will be wide open for an Independent to come in and make a true run. I say this because it is becoming more and more obvious that both major parties are completely dysfunctional. The Democrats can’t figure out their message, and the Republican message is scrambled at best. We need someone like YOU Dennis! I have never in my 44 years been into politics much really outside of voting, but I am seeing more and more how our “politicians” are literally ruining our county for us and our children. So, I am here and ready for your run Dennis. I will volunteer here in Maryland to do all I can to help you be a success for our country.  This house loves DML, and our country!!

DML: I think, for now, we have to focus on Trump’s time in office and doing all we can to make it a success. That said, if I did entertain a run in the future, which I probably will — just don’t know when — I would not run as an Independent if the situation remains as it does today. The rules in various states, e.g. California, make it near impossible to run successfully. It’s a damn shame. BTW, I am a registered Independent because the GOP screwed up — will tell that story one day, maybe in a book. LOL.

DML, I recently took a trip to the U.K. and took your ballcap with me. This was taken of me, your hat, an English phone booth… Just trying to spread the news. The Brits, as a rule, do not like Trump. The reason is MSM and fake news. Trying to show them the light about President Trump, and your straight shooting approach to the news.

DML: Now that is cool! Thanks! Photo of Duke below…

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