DML: I Respond to 6 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day I receive a large amount of emails and messages.  Today, I respond to 6 of them plus post a few photos (one of which I grabbed from a website).

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DML, I have followed you since day one when I ran across your FB live walk n talk before our president was elected, thank God. You were direct, truthful, funny sometimes, and an all American family man with my same views. What on earth was there not to like about you? You have a charismatic personality with a dash of self confidence. I always learned that a PSI was a GOOD(positive self image). With that said, I would like to pass on that I pray for the safety of you & your awesome family often. We all are blessed to reside in the USA with an honorable flag and troops fighting for our safety abroad, as well as fine law enforcement in the states. But none of that would matter if us LONE WOLFs didn’t have a leader like you, that we could cling to everyday. As I think about all the blessings and heart aches that you and I have been through this last year it only reinforces that we are on the right track. Again May God fully bless your efforts and passion this next year. #MAGA
TEAM DML at-large, Angela Heavin

DML: What a kind email. Mary may argue with the “dash” part, but I am humbled. Thank you.

Pennsylvania US Senate race. I am now in the top 2 in a field of 10.

DML: Go for it! We’ll do some articles about you from now until the election.

Hey DML, Glad you are back!! I think we are in the bulldozing stage of the Trump Presidency. All the corruption, & sexual deviance everywhere is being exposed so that we can heal and become new and better than before. What is happening now, Actually IS MAGA! We are all in it right now so we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. The USA is the largest structure Trump has ever worked on. It will take time. This is the tearing down phase. It is my hope that eventually Trump will focus on uniting the Country.
“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Happy Thanksgiving.

DML: You must have watched my short Walk & Talk from yesterday.  Either that or you’re onto something 🙂

DML, I have been watching you since your early days on Fox News and your intense stand on immigration and news with insight and truth. However I don’t understand why at times you post on the news feed insignificant news such as today. You have posted on the news feed a story about the wife of a NFL coach and her statement about voting for Trump. This is just one example of stories that gives a voice to someone that is totally insignificant. I am sure if you had a poll asking your followers what they think about giving a voice to these issues. I would think that over 95% would agree that she and most individuals, athletes, actors etc.., voices are no more or less important then their own. They are just individuals that have different careers and yes at times a bigger platform but in the overall scheme of things who really cares what they have to say. Hopefully you will consider the path of your news feed and decide if these people really meet the news that your followers are looking for on a daily basis.

Perhaps your followers are more interested in your intense stand and insight into the illegal immigration problem of this country, the lack of the lack of border security and stronger border policies in the Trump administration. The so called middle class tax cut, which is all by middle class, the health care system, the veterans situation. The corruption and pay to play scams at all levels of government. The useless Attorney Generall when it comes to rooting out Washington corruption and the Clinton scandals. I can go on and on with issues that merit the posting in your news feed.

Keepup your truthful straight talk and news about matters that are the real issues, don’t give a second of thought to the nonsense.

Please keep up the fight on illegal immigration without strong advocates like yourself for stronger borders, e-verify, the end to sanctuary cities etc.. our current politicians, both Democrat and Republican will sell out this country or votes and cheap labor.

DML: We report on the good and bad.  Think of it differently.  Imagine we only reported about the border apprehensions and not the illegal aliens who get away.  The thing is this…. see a headline you don’t like — don’t read it.  But we will continue to cover it all.

Hi Dennis, I was absolutely delighted to see you this morning. So much so, I actually had tears in my eyes. I guess that says something about how much you and your beautiful family have come to mean to me. I know I’m not alone. I’m sure you will have a jillion emails today so I will be brief. There is much to be thankful for this coming holiday. My own wonderful family, our country and the military that serve, our President and the freedom we enjoy as Americans, to mention a few of our many blessings. Not to be forgotten, “DML” and all you sacrifice to bring us the Truth. God bless you and family this Thanksgiving.

DML: Wow. What a heartfelt message.  Happy Thanksgiving.

**Be sure to send us your Thanksgiving photos with your family, or whatever!

DML, I like yourself, have spent some time south of the border and have some experience with the Mexican culture. On one hand I tell myself, if I were on the situation these people are in financially and needed to support my family, I might do as they do. As far as the wall is concerned, it is human nature to need to assign an object to an emotion. The wall is tangible and supports  ownership and understanding. The reality is the wall is more symbolic than anything. The real fight seems to be the political will to enforce the law above ideology.  While most on the right see immigration for what it is and, the threat it poses, the left seems to only focus on the “what could be”, that meaning an increase in their voting base.  The commercial aspect looks at the cheap labor.  Somewhat of a paradox exist in the cheap labor thinking because given the agenda of the left, the push for higher minimum wages contradicts that. Thanks for your diligence and tenaciousness in addressing this issue and many others. You Sir are a champion amongst men and an inspiration for many who have no voice. I support you and am an avid follower. Keep up the good work!  Good luck on your Facebook challenge. “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

DML: Thanks!!!


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