DML: I Respond to 6 Interesting Emails You Sent Me, plus your photos


Each day I receive emails from my readers. Today, I respond to 6 of them.  Plus, your photos at the bottom.

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I looked far and wide for your Walk & Talk on Saturday and could not find it.  It appears as if Facebook deleted the video. Please confirm, and will you be doing a Walk & Talk Sunday?

DML: You are correct, the video is not there.  When I returned home to upload the video to YouTube, I saw that it was “no longer available.”  I have no idea what happened.  No, I will not be on W&T today.  Family plans.  See you Monday at 11:30am.

DML, I took your poll about O’Reilly being guilty of sexual harassment.  I think he is guilty.  Although he was the star at Fox News there is no way the company would agree to pay out more than $45 million in settlements if they were unfounded.  From what you wrote I get the sense you believe BO is in the wrong?  Have you ever been on his show?  Do you know him?  Lots of questions for you, I hope you can answer.

DML: I am not a judge or jury, and I don’t know all the facts.  I just know that Fox News has a history of treating women poorly, and there is a culture there that is disgusting.  I have seen it first hand.  That said, nobody pays out $45M for false allegations, and O’Reilly’s document signed by Weihl is standard protocol for payouts / settlements.  Yes, I have been on Bill’s show 3 times.  He is an assh*le.  Talented broadcaster, yes.  But a vulgar, mean, domineering human being.  Had I not thought I’d be arrested on the spot, I would have knocked him on his ass for the way in which he treated me on my last appearance during the commercial break.  Here is a taste of our banter:

DML, I have a guy in my 4,500 friends list that is constantly putting out big posts saying that Jeff Sessions has to go. I love JEFF SESSIONS, but a lot of people are listening to this bafoon. He believes Jeff  is not stopping the political corruptness (I don’t even think that’s possible). And he is a bit angry, Jeff hasn’t stopped Mueller and put whinny Hillary in Jail. You have any stories that might shed light on all that Jeff has done, so that I can get Walter Knapp and his buddies off my back? I always post your stuff.
Exhausted, Betsy

DML: I can only tell you the same thing I told a guy yesterday who asked the same question of me when spotted in a store, “Sessions is a good guy.”  Keep in mind Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.  He may be waiting for that to end, or perhaps he is allowing other committees to uncover the truth.  Remember, someone leaks some of this stuff to the press.  Perhaps it’s coming from the DOJ.  I have faith in Sessions, and I will remain confident in his abilities until 100% proven otherwise.  That’s the best anyone can offer you right now.

DML you are so right about Facebook.  I found a way to post your videos on the chat sites, and when I go back on the site it’s gone.  I was so mad that I made them work at it.  I just clicked on every site and posted your video over and over and over again.  Someone finally beat Facebook from taking it off, and thanked me for sharing.  I understand your frustration now!!!

DML: There is a very interesting article this morning in the Wall St Journal about how FB is using artificial intelligence to dictate news feeds, and we think this is one reason why we are seeing a drop off so significant. I’m letting DML readers know now, that between FB’s crackdown and the ads business shunning away conservatives, we will probably end up with a DML subscription service where there are no ads, and everything flows through our app.  We are trying to work out the details now, and will make a final decision in December.

CRTV Phil Robertson is starting a broadcast through this network no cable needed there is a small fee to watch, you are not censored there. I know I have been watching you since NM and reopened my FB to be able to follow you, I would pay to see you here & pretty sure I am not alone. You are one of a kind, and believe in you, thank you for all your sacrifice and your beautiful family sacrifices for the truth. I pray for you, your family and our country. Sincerely, De D.

DML: I’ve been part of Fox News as a constant go-to guest, and I was part of Newsmax as the number one primetime host.  I have learned more over the past 10 years than I did in my first 38 years about life, business, media, politics, who I am, and who I am not.   Thus, put it all together and the DML brand is my passion.  I wish to be nowhere else but where I am today, and will continue to build our brand until I decide to officially enter into politics.  Then I hope one of my children will take over the  network we are building.  I love and thank you, for the awesome comments and confidence.

Your Photos…
Hey DML! Long time fan! Just wanted to thank you for all you do to for this great country. I wish you had a bigger plat form to get your messages across, but I know one day you will.
My husband is an immigrant from Italy, and truly appreciates you as well. He came here almost 10 years ago the legal way,  and has paid his dues to become a U.S citizen. He actually only applied for citizenship so he could vote in the last election for Trump. He has been a trump supporter for the very start and wears his shirts and hat proud. He has embraced the American dream to the fullest and appreciates and respects this country maybe more than others who were born here. We both believe in making America great again and believe that people like you will help us get there, so thank you! This house loves DML. Carla and Gianluca Settineri.

DML: Love when immigration is done correctly.  Love having him part of America!  Love the photo.

**NOTE: If you have sent a photo and it did not post, please resend, as I may have missed it in all the emails I receive. — DML

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