DML: I Respond to 8 Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day I receive messages from my amazing readers and supporters. Today, I respond to 8 of them.

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I watched your video from CSPAN posted to Facebook last night about how to solve the immigration problem in 30 days.  I am happily married and I know you are too but let me say that there is no man on TV who looks better in a suit and tie than Dennis Michael Lynch.  I am so used to you walking around in street clothes…. I never saw you dressed to kill.

Getting past your looks, you are so smooth in your delivery and everything you say makes so much sense.  I watched the short clip but I could not share it from the Facebook page.  Can you put a version on Youtube so I can share it without the Facebook restrictions.  I must admit that as much as I love President Trump, I think you would blow him away as president.  You are so relatable whether you are dressing up or down and I could listen and look at you all day.  I think I speak for every woman in this country with a brain and heartbeat.  Please run for office one day. — Jessica

DML: I am humbled.  Your wish is my command.
Here is the video:

Female teachers sexing their teen students.  DML, this article and what you said are the same things I’ve been wondering about the past year, because it seems like there’s an increase of this happening. And these teachers are nice looking women; I don’t get it… they give up everything just to have some “fun”?!

DML: There isn’t a day that passes when I do not get a story of a female teacher in trouble for romancing a student.  It has to be a control thing.  I think the social media platforms play a lot into it.   I do have a great story which I will share today during the Walk & Talk about when I was young.

I would like you to take note of a group called Overpasses for America. We are simple folk from across America, standing up for what is right, for what is constitutional, and to tell the truth about America’s problems. We hold peaceful flag waves and rallies all across this great nation. We need more Americans to stand up, speak out and get involved! Too many Americans are living with their head in the sand and we are trying to wake the sleeping giant. We would love for you to research our group, interview the founder, look over our videos and pictures to share our story with your followers. It’s time for We the People to help fix America to make her great again. Thanks DML. Glad you are feeling better and back to the walk and talks.

DML: I know Overpasses very well.  Years ago, during the Obama administration and the first 9/11 Biker Ride, Overpasses reached out to me for support.  I provided what I could — shining a light where I could.  Some very nice people belong to the group.

In short, for those who are unfamiliar with the group, Overpasses rallies together Americans willing to stand on highway bridges and overpasses to wave signs and flags at the cars.  Overpasses leadership got mad at me because I said I’d like to see a more positive message.  At the time, many of the signs were anti-Obama.  One sign read BEEP IF YOU WANT OBAMA IMPEACHED.   My contention was Obama was never going to be impeached, and half the people driving on the highway probably voted for him, so the message was moot.  My suggestion was to make signs that read: “BEEP IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD HEALTHCARE.”  Or, “BEEP IF YOU NEED A RAISE.”   It was a simple suggestion that would have resulted in more beeps.  Instead of listening, the group lashed out at me.  Turns out Obama never got impeached.   It’s all about messaging.    I put Overpasses in my film, WE RIDE TO DC.  Short video below.

Per your poll question, I do not blame Jeff Sessions.  I blame Trump for Clinton walking the streets and writing books. It was Trump who promised us she’s go to jail.  Going after her would be the first step in cleaning the swamp.  He didn’t do it like so many things he said he would do and has not.  Sessions is doing a f_cking great job.  Trump should walk more and talk less.

DML: My sense is Sessions is stretched thin and focused on fighting crime.  When Trump said he’d leave her alone, Sessions followed those instructions.  Although I understand why Trump backed off, I do not like Trump undermining his own people, which he does constantly.  Poor leadership.  I do not blame Sessions.

DML, I have been  a very small  donor, but avid fan of your news output, walk and talks and general point of view for almost a year now. I am English, conservative, live in the U.K. and am the immensely proud grandfather of two American, Michigander children, whom we visit yearly for a month or so. I must congratulate you on being the only voice that I’m aware of that I can turn to for true, sensible, unbiased news re all matters American. The mainstream media in the UK, unfortunately, is a mirror image of your US institutions. Of the most highly watched broadcasters, the BBC (once a beacon for unbiased world wide news) is now atrociously left wing, as is Channel 4 News. They are both President Trump bashers and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton apologists. With the Daily Telegraph being perhaps the only, half-way decent middle of the road news organization, it is practically impossible for anyone in in the U.K to get regular access to reasoned reporting. Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of Conservatives everywhere. I wish your hardworking and closely knit family well, improved and continued good health to yourself and more power to your blow.

DML:   Thanks for the support. Funny. News 4 in UK came to Newsmax last year to interview me for a Trump documentary before the election. I was so concerned they’d screw me by editing the tape, that I demanded we hold the interview in my studio.  I had my team record their recording so I could have a copy in the event they made me sound like a nut, or that they twisted my words.   Funny thing is, they asked me about him moving to the “center” on immigration.  Here is a short clip:

Dear DML
I love what you stand for. But I’m getting frustrated with how our country is so divided. I have three boys and I am just wondering what will happen to them and my grandkids? So I listen to you alot now to be informed. However I just can’t stand the politics on Facebook or sharing political messages. I stay completely away. It exhausts me! For my own well being I can’t share but does that make me uncaring about this great country we live in?
Keep up the good work.

DML: KMF, you are right…. your kids and grandkids face a world in turmoil.  I have my theory as to why Trump and Obama were elected, and what happens after Trump is done.  I am writing about this in my new book which I will be working on this evening.  (I write on Saturdays).  As for not sharing, that is your choice, but you make my job harder.  So please share.

I am livid that Trump threw Jeff Sessions under the bus when he played to he crowd to their chants of “lock her up.” Sessions along with Dr. Carson has quietly been doing his job. I think you are doing a remarkable job, DML, of letting Americans know how daily Sessions is following Trump’s immigration and national security policies in his leadership . He is working hard to keep the campaign promises of MAGA in spite of President Trump’s grandstanding. If I was voting in Alabama I would support Dr. Carson’s candidate over Mitch McConnell. Your thoughts?

DML: I’ve said this one million times.  Great leaders do not undermine their team members in public.  You defend your team in public and correct them in private.  That said, I follow this stuff more than the average person.  Sessions and Carson are really working hard to MAGA.  They should have nothing but praise tossed their way.  As for Alabama, I do not like what Trump has done with this election.  He did not support the best man for the job, but rather, the guy who said the nicest things about him.  A true example of how Trump’s ego gets in his own way.  But Strange will lose so Trump will have some egg on his face.  That said, only Jesus walked on water.  Nobody is perfect.

DML I ordered a hat Friday.  I know Miss Mary is shipping them out this week you said.  I am proud to where a DML NEWS hat and appreciate your team and all you do.

DML: We work very hard, and it is nice to see and hear the support.  I thank you for buying the hat.  A portion of each sale is going to an Irma victim.  I’ll make the decision who gets the money once we sell out of the hats.  We still need to sell about 100 more units.  Mary is shipping out first batch today.  BUY HERE.

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