DML: I Respond to 9 Interesting Emails You Sent Me… plus photos


Each day I receive tons of email and messages from our readers. Today, I respond to 9 of them.  Plus, post some photos you sent me.

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I read your article about advertisers cracking down and pulling away from Hannity.  I see what Facebook does to you on a daily basis.  Americans continue to boycott the NFL but it doesn’t seem to work.  What can we do DML?

DML: As for Hannity, he’s part of Fox News and the situation over there is sure to get far worse real soon based on the rumors coming out of that place.  As for FB censoring / punishing conservatives, email them directly.  Tell them you’re upset, but be polite.

Everyone is stepping forward with a sexual harassment claim and I wonder how this will effect the workplace in the near and distant future.  We’ll all have to walk around like robots.  It’s a sad sad world.

DML: I take sexual harassment very seriously, and so I do not have any issues with people coming forward with valid claims.  People in power often try to take advantage of those who are not.  That said, I understand what you are saying.  My own wife works with me during the day.  Am I not permitted to give her a kiss during work hours now?  Could it spark someone in the office to call foul?  Everything in this life is becoming a slippery slope and a very fine line.  You are correct…. it’s a very sad time.

While on FB this morning they asked if I would take a survey regarding my experience with FB.  While I haven’t had issues like DML is experiencing, I stated that as a Conservative I feel FB is unfair to us.  I cited DML as a perfect example.  They then asked  if I would be willing to take a ten minute phone call to discuss.  I agreed and low and behold – there were no times available for the call!!!!!!   I am now expecting to start having issues with my DML FB Live.  Interesting.

DML: I truly believe the more people like you who complain, and take that call, the faster they’ll change their tune.  Thank you for your efforts.

DML. I am having one heck of a time finding your W/T if I don’t  watch them live, which I rarely do. How would you suggest I find them?  After they are gone from your feed on the website or my FB feed it is impossible. Also, how many websites do you have?  If you have more than this one,  what are they?  In addition, how can I get off the 40404 text notification?  I get the notification from the website and the text. I just need one.  Thanks a lot and thanks for the work you and your team do for us.

DML:  Your email made me take some action to make it easier for people.  Here we go…
I operate 3 websites.,, and
My daily videos, which as of now is just one video per day, are found on (DML); we DO NOT post them to the other websites.

At the top of the DML website it used to read “Walk & Talk,” but considering I do the W&T on weekends only, as of this morning that tab now reads “DML Videos.”

When I am finished with a W&T or a LIVE session (The Truth), or even if I post a short video which we refer to internally as the “DML Report”, they will appear under the DML Videos tab within an hour (give or take).  If you click on the DML Videos tab right now, you will not see a video for Nov. 10.  I did not upload that video because the show ran into technical problems.  I did not do a W&T on Saturday, so the last video will be from Nov 9.

In addition to the DML Videos on DML, the DML APP offers my latest video under the DML Report tab.  In the next version of the app, there will be a long list of my videos, versus the most recent one showing.  To get the DML APP, people should click here.

Once we are done with a Facebook LIVE, the video remains on our Facebook timeline, although it starts to get buried because of new posts being published throughout the day.   The faster way to locate the video, and to see all videos, is by clicking the videos tab located on my Facebook page under my profile picture.  Click “videos” and every video we’ve ever done on FB LIVE is there for you.

The last line of defense is YouTube. We post all the videos on our YouTube channel.  And yes, you should download the DML APP and sign up for the 40404 alerts.  For information on all of our accounts, and how to communicate with us / me, please use the CONNECT WITH DML tab on this page.

We really need to clean Congress out of all those who are sabotaging President Trump’s agenda.  We can replace the Republicans with other Republicans who will work for the American People who voted Donald Trump in. What do you think?

DML: It’s called Election Day, and unless there are people running who fit your description then you’re left to pressuring the existing member of congress who is not helping make America great again.

Herman Cain. I hope you will read this and maybe find out the truth. I may not of spelled his name correctly but whatever happened to all the women that came out against him? All the nastiness caused him to drop out of the running and then nothing was ever said regarding those women that tried to ruin his and his family’s lives. I see he is still on Facebook and still has his radio show’s. So they didn’t bring him down or destroy his life and he is a great person. Please let me know if any of those women are still trying to ruin his life or his families. Thank you and keep up the great work you do in telling the Truth. This person loves DML n family. May God watch over u n ur’s.

DML: If I remember correctly it was just one woman, and I don’t communicate with Mr. Cain so I do not know how his life is going.  I had hired a New York City couple to write my memoirs when I was considering a run for office.  They wrote Cain’s book when he was running.  They traveled with him during his short run, and said he was one of the nicest guys in the world.   I met HC once in passing in Florida during Romney’s nomination event, but it was a two-second handshake.  Side note: When I decided not to run, I killed the memoir.

Not a news report, but a reaction to the GOP Income Tax Proposals:
I am a 71 year old retiree in only fair health with income from two pensions, Social Security (myself and wife), stock dividends and IRA Distributions. I also run a small antiques business to keep me occupied and keep my mind sharp. In total, my annual adjusted gross income is about $120K. My itemized deductions last year totaled about $33K, including over $17K in non-reimbursed medical expenses, $10K in NJ State income and property taxes, and $6K in charitable contributions in addition to the $8.iK in personal exemptions. My tax bill was about $11K. Under the proposed GOP Tax Plan, with personal exemptions and medical expenses lost, I will be forced to take the new proposed Standard Deduction of $24K and thereby lose around $10K of itemized deductions and $8K in personal exemptions. While this may not seem like a lot if I taxed at the lowest rate (maybe an extra $2K a year), the problem is that the loss of these exemptions will push me into a higher tax bracket and my estimated tax bill will rise almost $10K PER YEAR. This is certainly not a tax cut for me and will cost me about $850 a month in income. My options are limited. (1) I already withhold 15% of all sources so my refund each year would be lost; (2) to make up the differences, my charitable contributions will be drastically reduced or terminated altogether as they no longer benefit the bottom line; and (3) it is likely that I will have to close my business, rather than have all of my profits go to the government. Would be interested in your reaction. The new law will be terrible for Seniors, especially those of us who have very high medical expenses (mine are about $24K a year.

DML: Good for you keeping busy and sharp. Amen.  As for the tax plan, to be brutally honest Don, I think it sucks. I support Trump, but he’s really making another mistake by not pushing for a flat tax.  So many Americans would get behind him and pressure Congress.  I’ve come to the point where I’m officially ready to say I was correct back in March when I said there would not be one meaningful bill passed all year.  That said, I guess the good news for you is this crappy plan won’t pass and you’ll be paying the same rates you have been.

With the new tax plan, what happens to child support? Is the person who receives the child report now required to declare it as income? Or, does it stay the same where they get the money and are not required to declare it as income?

DML: AJ, the problem is there are two plans out — the Senate’s version and the House.  Until they settle on one, I cannot answer your question.

Hi Dennis, I am proudly wearing my colors today honoring our veterans. I also have a pink DML hat too!!
Thank you for everything you do in keeping us informed.

DML: Please don’t sue me for harassment (LOL), but Bonnie I must say you look absolutely beautiful in your colors!
Bonnie’s picture is the first listed below.

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