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Below are my responses to some of the emails I received over the past 48-hours.

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I sent you an email yesterday and you posted it with a response but now it’s gone and I cannot find it. What happened DML?

DML: I am so sorry.  Yesterday morning I was working the website when I received a phone call.  I was on the phone for nearly an hour speaking about Facebook with another publisher.  When I was done, I inadvertently imported a fresh news article and in doing so, copied it over the email article. Thus, it was gone from the webpage.  I was so distracted by the long call that I lost track of what I was working on.  So sorry.

Absolutely love the new change you made to your website!  I enjoy having more of a selection of news articles to read each time I open up your page.  The one thing that is missing, is more immigration articles.  The first thing I do is look at your website and then a different one.  If I don’t see anything on immigration, I close them out and go straight to Yahoo.  After President Trumps election, I found it odd that so many conservative websites dropped the subject and moved on.  It was the main issue that made me vote for Trump.  Now, it’s almost non existent.  Please, I despise Yahoo, but they are the only ones who offer updates on immigration that I find so important.

DML: Thank you.  The changes we’ve made started only 3 days ago, and so it’s a big learning curve for our staffers who manage the website.  By the end of next week, DML APP 2.0 / will have more diverse information and more stories and reports than any news outlet in the world.  That said, there is no chance we alienate immigration.  I’ve stuck with immigration since the day I got involved ten years ago.  I’m almost done making They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders.  Yesterday, despite our new style, we had 3 articles about the topic, the day before we posted 2.  Some days there will be more, but there will never be less.   The DML NEWS APP 2.0 launches this week.  The new website launches in full tomorrow morning (Monday).  Thanks!!  I ask everyone to support our work by picking up copies of They Come to America I, II, and III.  Send the free copies we give to the White House.  It works!!!  I think it helped stop DACA, don’t you?

Fox News host Pete Hegseth – Slimeball. Our hometown (Forest Lake, Mn) boy Pete Hegseth should call himself a liberal. He continues to behave like one. His 1st wife Meredith, 2nd wife Samantha & his parents live nearby. Our boys went through school with the Hegseth boys.  He continues to behave like one with his history of cheating on wives.   See link:

DML: As a side note, please know that the Crooks and Liars website is run by a POS.  There are fake stories on there all the time.  That said, I understand what you are referring to and do not deny the stories about Pete.  Apparently, he left his first wife for his second wife after an affair ended up with a child being born.  He then reportedly repeated those steps by having an affair on wife #2 with a producer at Fox News.  Sadly, the sort of stuff going on at that network and others like it, has been disgraceful when measured by dignity.   Would you be surprised if I told you a well-known, very powerful man in the media tried to get me into his bed.  When I repeatedly said no I was blackballed.  Yup.  And it all comes out in my upcoming book which as of now will be entitled: FIGHTING FOR TRUMP.  I expect it to be finished soon.  My co-writer is rapping up his end this week.

Hello DML! You have a lot of supporters in the great state of Wisconsin!  My husband Mike and I would love to meet you and your crew. We know a great restaurant to get an amazing steak/prime rib. On Wisconsin! Mike & Jeri Coffman from Hartland, Wi.

DML: I’ve received so many wonderful invites from TEAM DML that I am simply blown away.  I may have to extend my trip to a month long journey.  I am mapping out the trip this afternoon.

Just read (partly) how Comey said he thought Hillary was going to win…wouldn’t that mean his decision not to prosecute was influenced? Aren’t they (prosecutor, lawyers, etc.) suppose to go by the evidence and nothing else?

DML: As I have said a gazillion times, Comey will never pay for his actions, instead, he will be paid millions.  Welcome to America.

I so looked forward to seeing your night talk this past sat. To see you and Miss Mary would have been great! Well I wasnt able to get it and I see I guess it wasnt recorded so i could retrieve it. Anyway sorry I missed you two. It is really rewarding to me being part of your DML team! You and your talks are so important for us all to see and hear! I cannot and will not get my news any other way! The Leftists have invaded the news outlets and Im sick and tired of their biased rhetoric laden fodder! May God be with you DML, Miss Mary, your super children and all of us!!! Take Care, love, respect , and faith in you all for being the only ones that really report accurately and honestly all the important news! What a God send you are for us all!

DML: I’m not sure why you could not get it.  Here is the link on my website. CLICK HERE.

the dml news is Overburdened by irrelevant totally annoying ads. i thought i would enjoy this news site but because of the ads and how and where they are placed i will be dis continuing use of this site.

DML: See you later.  You’re one of those people who wants everything for free. I would bet the world’s money that if I charged $10 per month to access the information that costs us so much money to collect for you each day that you’d tell me you aren’t paying $10 to access news.  Go somewhere else where they don’t have ads, but collect your data and sell it.  NOTE TO SELF: Internet is never short on idiots.

Good evening Dennis! I’m emailing you from Madelia MN, as we get yet another blizzard here, and it is April 14th. Lucky us!  I have been following you every day since mid 2016, have made a couple small donations, which I have never done before, and have purchased all your videos, which are so well done, that I am just furious by the end! Great work sir! I live in a small town over run with illegal immigration, and have seen first hand the population change. The school system is struggling as the majority has changed. I have a special needs (severely autistic) son, who has a rough time getting the help he needs due to lack of funding.   I listen to your show, and have been marking the boxes of how my life has been changed for the better since Trump became president. I know in my life, things are looking up! (I have attached a picture as proof).  I was never into politics until you pulled me in! Keep doing what you do, and the country will be a better place! If you come to MN on your tour across the country, keep me in mind!

DML: GREAT EMAIL. Thank you for the support.  I’ve included your picture below.


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