Below are the responses I’ve given to some of the emails and message sent to me by DML News readers.

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I don’t know what happened to you when you went to Florida for 3 weeks but you came home a better news commentator.  Every show since you’ve come home is filled with incredible energy and thought-provoking content.  I do not email you often, but I had to send a bit of praise your way.  Keep up the great work.  BTW, I bought your films and sent the copies to the White House.  Excellent work.

DML: What happened in Florida, which was 2-weeks, the other week was in DC, is simple to explain.  I saw an incredible amount of pain and death.  Sometimes we all need reminders of how lucky we are to have this life.  Like all people, sometimes I can get caught in the misery of the news cycles and disappointed in the elected officials who I helped elect.  While in Florida, I spent an incredible amount of time by myself.  I reflected on what I am doing with my talents and opportunities afforded to me by God.  I realized I need to do more in the positive.    Even though blasting Comey isn’t fun, nor is it positive, I have new energy to deliver my job.  Tack on I’ve given up eating bread, and I’m feeling like a younger man. LOL

I was disappointed that I didn’t see an article posted about the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush. I think it would have been in good taste and very appropriate to post an article about her and her accomplishments. She was a fine lady. Thanks for listening.

DML: I’m not sure what you are talking about, she isn’t dead.  We reported that she is not doing well and has refused treatment.

My question today is, do you think Comey just ignorantly messed up (time and time again) and is now trying to mitigate is reputation?   Or do you think he is acting/speaking in fear of the Clinton  machine? Thanks for all your hard work. The new App is going to be GREAT and I already love the live chat option! Best to all your awesome family!

DML: I think he is an uber liberal who has made so many bad decisions, and is such a poor leader, and enjoyed a relationship with Obama, and is just an egomaniac who thinks he is smarter than the rest of us.  I think he is the most hated man in America.

I love your new concept of DML TV.  I also love the new chat feature although I have yet to dive in.  Great work DML.  I cannot wait for your trip around the USA.

DML: All week long, will continue to launch new products and tools on the website.  By the end of the week I am hoping the new app is ready to go.  Thanks!