Below are my responses to some of the emails and messages DML readers sent me.

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Dennis, I was pleasantly surprised to hear you speak about God yesterday during the truth program. It was nice to get a break from the chaos and to reflect.  You truly made me think.  Thanks.

DML: Some people were turned off and complaining.  Another woman claimed I used God to promote my tour (as if I am being paid to tour).  God knows you can’t make everyone happy, I am pleased you were pleased.  Thanks!

I just finished all 3 of your immigration movies and have to say they are beyond spectacular.  I struggle to pick a favorite of the 3 films.  If I have to I think the first one is my favorite (you were so young).  I sent me 3 copies to the White House yesterday.  I cannot wait for They Come to America 4.

DML: TCTA 4 will be finished after I complete my tour.  It’s a few months behind schedule, but the new developments of the National Guard at the border forced me into the delays.  I really appreciate people picking up the films.  It SO SO SO SO HELPS us.

I read online that Diamond and Silk sisters made up much of the stuff about Facebook censoring.  They are up 47% over the year in terms of Facebook users.  When I looked at those numbers and the others shown it made me angry that they were addressed but not you. You’re the one who is being censored.  What do you think of these two sisters?  I don’t trust them at all and think it’s another example of the president surrounding himself with people who are beneath him.

DML: Not shocked. Warning label applied.

I have ever emailed you before today.  Great work you do.  I live in South Carolina not far from Long Creek where you will be visiting on May 17.  Is there a way I can meet you?

DML: I’ve been getting emails from people requesting the same thing.  We will be in Long Creek on the 17th.  Be sure to send us your contact information in a separate email and we will make a pit stop for people to visit us.

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