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Below are some of the responses I’ve given to emails sent my way over the past 24-hours.

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Hey Guy, I love you, I really do. (here comes the ‘but’) But I have to take exception with your assertion that your predictions and analysis are right 100% of the time. Can you honestly say that you were right about Trump’s DACA deal to Congress? The obvious thing that Trump did was to offer a deal giving amnesty to about 1,000,000 more Dreamers that what Congress asked for, and ALL of us on the Right were livid about it. And, of course Congress voted it down because there were other things that disagreed with, and they believe that they deserved to have it all. IMO, that was simply a carrot that Trump dangled in front of them, knowing that they would never accept it. Consequently, DACA is expiring as Obama designed it. That makes Trump look like a vanquished hero, Congress like the bunch of idiots that they are, AND we get rid of DACA. It’s not the preferable scenario, but I’ll take it over the alternative. Anyway, I remember you being furious at Trump – as we all were. Can you admit that Trump didn’t cave on immigration reform, but simply out-smarted everyone, including moi…What say you to this?

DML: I thank you for sending me a message. (Here comes the but).  But the nonsense within it makes me really scratch my head.  For starters, Trump didn’t offer a DACA deal to Congress.  He offered it to illegal aliens.  Beyond that, if you think that Trump looks like a hero for turning his back on a promise like DACA, then I think you’d lost the meaning of a hero.  The only thing that resulted from his nonsense is a wave of illegal aliens crossing the border in Obama-era numbers.  “Dangling” amnesty is far from heroic, and it’s less than smart.  As of now, and I am willing to “predict” this, the DACA fiasco which results in countless “new Americans” to cross our borders never to return home, will cost him in the midterms as conservatives don’t show up to vote.   So, can I admit that Trump didn’t cave on immigration?  All I know is there is a big huge carrot he could use immediately, but he doesn’t like vegetables — or so it appears.  It’s called e-Verify, and if he had any smarts in this area he’d sign an executive order tomorrow and maybe salvage the midterms.  In short, you are wrong — in my opinion. I appreciate you sharing yours.

I really did it!!  I permanently deleted my account on Facebook.  So many things I hate about it.
However,  I want to be sure I don’t miss anything from you.  I have your app.  Will I be able to see and hear everything Team DML form your app or website?

DML: Good for YOU!  To answer your question… YES. and the DML APP is all you need.  We are launching new tools and services each day this week and next week.  Then a new will be launched which is completely separate than DMLNews and will be more about Lifestyles, etc.  Eventually, the live programs will be on the APP in a LIVE format.  You will be fine!  My hope is to launch the new DML News APP Saturday.  Don’t hold your breath, I just made changes last night, and Mark is ready to shoot me.

Hi Dennis…My wife Lorraine Lopez & I are big supporters of you & Ms. Mary, unfortunately not with the big bucks just yet…We really like the idea of your upcoming trip through the states…We are native Californians who recently purchased our new retirement home in Sharpsburg, Georgia…We hope to be back there in a couple of years, God willing (I’m approaching 10 years cancer remission) as our beautiful state is turning in moron heaven…it’s hard to find peace of mind when you’re stepping over people on every corner or spending more tax money on programs that are created just so someone has employment with a non-profit… Just a couple of thoughts about your trip…It’s unrealistic to think we would be able to visit with you, as I’m sure many feel the same way…But wouldn’t it be cool if there was some way that your supporters in each state could send in a photo of ourselves…Then maybe somehow those could be displayed on your website as you travel through the states…I know you’re not hitting each one, so maybe they could be just categorize by states…Be great to see all the thousands, who probably like us have felt abandoned the last several years… Finally, I couldn’t resist attaching photo of my newest Grandson Henry Vincent…Only 2 weeks old and he has to put up with old Grandpa & his favorite wine (we actually visited the Seven Oaks barrel room in Paso Robles a few years back…what a blast & buzz)…

In closing, keep up the great work and remember what Lou Holtz said; “nothing’s as good as it seems & nothing’s as bad as it seems, but somewhere in between reality lies”… May God bless you & your family on your trip & always…Keep those baseball analogies coming (I played 4 years in college & have a nephew that spent 15 years in MLB so we love us some BB stories)… Safe travels…Tony

DML: Thanks for the support and the idea.  The baby is beautiful.  Picture below:

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