DML: I Respond to Some of Your Emails


Below is a collection of responses I’ve given to a bunch of emails I received over the past 24-hours.

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DML – I am typically a very calm person – but today I got SO MAD when I read the article about Pearson Publishers selling trash and inaccurate History books to our schools.  When I worked for years as a school psychologist, I spent thousands of dollars on testing tools from Pearson Publishing.  I called them today and gave them a piece of my mind.  Our kids are being brainwashed by the educational system.  Thank GOD I retired when I did.  I could no longer work in a public school.

DML:  It’s a sad, sad state of affairs in schools and what is taught.

Today’s show was amazing!!! You are always so passionate, but today you were on a different level. Today, was anguish, and desperation. Today, was filled with your love and commitment, and most importantly fear. Fear of what the future holds. Fear for your Family, for you, and unselfishly for us. Team DML. I had tears in my eyes, because I know how much you care for America, and for Americans. Dennis, you and your family are truly blessings from God. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for motivating Americans. Thank you for working so hard. Most of all, thank you for caring about us, especially when it feels as if no one else cares about our lives. Just bought another set of DVD’s. I know you are leading us correctly. With your help, we will come out on top.

DML: Thank you!  At the risk of sounding like I am pushing the DVDs on people, it is impossible to ignore the success we have had with them when looking back on the Gang of 8 bill, and the recent DACA mess.  Both times we did the DVD share — send them to DC — it worked.  We need e-Verify NOW!!!!  That’s why this new campaign is so important.  If people get the They Come to America Trilogy, they get a free copy.  They take the copy and a note to the president stating the DVDs ARE NOT A GIFT.  They are a wake up call for him to implement a national e-Verify program that is MANDATORY.  He needs to do it via executive order.  For every order that is made, I will match it with another set sent to the White House on my dime.  To get involved, CLICK HERE.

Once again, a brilliant show. And by brilliant, I don’t mean in a showy or production way. It was brilliant because you always tell us what we need to hear. You say it with conviction, passion and honesty. Its why we love you.  I have extra copies of your movies i will be sending to the White House tomorrow.  Keep up the great work and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

The fact that you do not have a show on Fox News or a nationally syndicated talk show is baffling to me.  You would beat HANNITY on both mediums.  Your insight is the best I’ve ever seen or heard and there is not a person in the media who is half as funny or entertaining.  I watched your TRUTH on Friday morning.  It was powerful.  Then I watched your WALK AND TALK on Friday night and I laughed my buttocks off.  You’re one talented man.  Keep up the great work.

DML: Thank you for the kind words.  However, I don’t want either of those things you mentioned.  I used to, but I love the situation I am in where nobody tells me what I can or cannot say, and when I can and cannot say it.  If FB wasn’t such a pain in the ass to deal with, things would be perfect as they are for me.

The Truth Friday…. It’s high damn time President Trump gets this pissed so America can be great again. This was a very needed message today. It’s how so many of us feel and think. Thanks for pouring out your heart today Dennis.

DML: The POTUS needs to get serious about protecting American workers.

I hope you are OK as you were so upset on today’s show I don’t want this to affect your health.  Please take care of yourself as we all need you and support you. Love your passion and all you and Miss Mary do…….I am a loyal listener from San Jose, CA.  Not sure if you will make it to the SF Bay area on your trip but will try to see you if you are here.

DML: Thank you for the concern.  We will be in your area, just not sure when… probably towards the end of May, beginning of June.

Hey Dennis, Reading comments and letters sent to you or shared by you made me realize that you just can’t catch a break. I just watched your show and you are once again fighting hard to save this country. Many of your fans/ followers don’t understand how you are changing history, I see it perfectly.

For instance; someone said to you that you were wrong about Trump and DACA, claiming Trump was just playing chess, (maybe not in those exact words) and you criticized him for nothing. However, had you not been doing what you do to fight back, how do we even know if Trump wouldn’t have acted differently, perhaps give amnesty with nothing in return.

Anyone assuming that Trump was bluffing is insane because it did affect us. We have evidence that his so called love for DACA increased the border crossings, had you not stepped up and sent hats and videos, perhaps by now his DACA promises would be signed and sealed.

It’s unfair for people calling you out on something you predicted PRIOR to you getting involved. You made the difference. You changed the future.

No different than you claiming Hillary won’t go to jail and tomorrow she’s found guilty of murder. Is it fair for people to tell you that you were wrong? No, you are predicting on present evidence, not on future occurrences. You might start sending videos to Sessions demanding justice. Putting some kind of pressure on the DOJ could force Sessions to arrest Hillary, and if it happens, you weren’t wrong, you made a difference. You changed the future.

Perhaps you should remind your viewers that your predictions are as of today. You are predicting based on the evidence you have, but your actions are always changing the outcome. I guarantee you, if you didn’t have people return MAGA hats and Coming to America videos, Trump would have settled with Democrats on DACA over the lottery immigration. Not even include chain migration, what I call “pyramid migration!” Hang in there, keep fighting!

DML: Thanks Tony.  Fact is I’ve been getting crap from people for ten years now.  In one had they want the truth, in the other hand they don’t want to hear it.  So they pat my back with the one hand until they hate the words I have to say, then they slap me in the face with the other hand.  If it bothered me, I would have quit this work a long time ago.  Imagine what they’d do to me if my insights were wrong and resulted in amnesty.  LOL.

From a friend of mine who lives in Marion County, FL:
I want to take a moment to speak about the school shooting that happened at Forest High School in Ocala, FL on 4/20/18.  A few details that are important that the media is probably not going to point out!!
1) recent policy put in place, once the bell rings for class to begin, all classroom doors lock from the inside. This prevented the shooter from accessing any areas where innocent students and teachers were located.
2) an armed Law Enforcement Officer is stationed at all High Schools and Middle Schools in Marion County. Their title is School Resource Officer! Their job is to protect. This was the person who ran towards the sound of the shot and took the shooter into custody within “3” minutes!!
3) Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, the Principal, and even the Supertendent of Schools in our County all said the tragedy was intended to be worse, but “GOD” was watching over our children and teachers!!

Now you know what the rest of the world will never hear! God is welcome in the Schools in Marion County Florida!! — feeling blessed.

DML: I am happy to have played an instrumental role in getting those new laws passed in FL.

Hey DML, I feel your frustration and just wanted to share an EXCELLENT documentary you can watch with the family. It’s by NOVA on PBS. I remembered it by 45 6. Season 45 Episode 6. It is by far the BEST documentary about what’s happening with the weather. I know that’s not your regular thing but it’s good to take a break from the Politics. If your not able to find it or can’t get access to it, let me know and I’ll donate it to you through iTunes. Say’s its downloadable from them instead of the $25 DVD. I just was let go from my work because I’m healing from some major surgery so I’ll be looking for those jobs you talked about today once I’m better. BTW, we’re the same age basically. Love your content. God bless you and the family. Take care buddy. Your a true blessing to American Spirit!!

DML: Thanks. Feel better and good luck!

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