It’s been a while since I answered emails and posted them on this website. My travel schedule is hectic, so I apologize.

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Eric Bolling is launching a new show very simiular to DML – He’s also going to do a bus tour. A pay to view copycat! FYI

DML: I hope it works out for him. The scum at Fox News served that man a crap sandwich.

DML I live in North San Diego County I am a huge fan of all you do I would love to go to the barbecue.

DML: The Memorial Day BBQ is being hosted by a supporter. Only 40 people can attend because the house is only so big. We’ve received more than 300 inquires. Tomorrow, we are putting names into a hat and pulling the 40 names. If you do not get an email by Thursday evening, your name was not picked. I’m sorry if that happens. Thanks for the support.

DENNIS,  I have been riding the wave of excitement and emotion from meeting you ( @ the Heritage, Friday 5/18 ) through other members of Team DML sharing their experiences. Last night (5/19) was my first night I was able to sit down and reflect and digest what this experience meant for me. Several weeks ago you had mentioned how you wanted to be thought of like The Lynch Family would be an extension of my family that just so happened to give me my news. I have felt that way for a long time. Brother from another Mother, Sister from another Mister. I’m more concerned about you and your family emotionally and how you are doing on a daily basis first and foremost before tackling the president and the federal government. I’m elated there are a group of people I can reach out to that have a similar mindset. We as a community are energized by you. We are concerned when we see you over doing it. We want to help anyway we can. We are definately all part of an extended family that wants to make a difference with your help. Finally after I was given the opportunity to meet you it only strengthened my desire to help in the continuance of what Team DML stands for. I offer you my time and dedication anyway I can. Im currently posting our pettition, for e-verify in every conservative, pro-Trump facebook page l can find. I’ve already shared several times on my personal FB page. Dennis it was a blessing and an honor to meet you. The energy and kindness you exude is so contagious I never want that feeling to go away. You are an inspiration to all the people you come in contact with, including me. Hoping this wont be the last time we meet, maybe next time we can come to you. Just like us ,Dennis, getting a charge from being around you, Im sure you felt the energy from being around us. Until we meet again……

DML:  The outpouring of love and support I’ve received during our meet and greets is impossible to describe in words.  THANK YOU.

I am an avid traveler in my RV and the increase in gas prices has to be killing you in the wallet during this trip!  I just sent a check for $150.  I hope it helps.

DML: I cannot say thank you enough!!! Today, gas cost me $250.   I totally underestimated how much gas would cost.  Dave also broke the drone last night while filming at the veterans community project in KC.  I had to buy another one late last night at Best Buy.  I love meeting everyone and getting great stories for our films, but this trip is crushing me on so many levels.  I simply cannot catch a break.  Last night we slept in a parking lot in Kansas after the RV got stuck again.  Thanks again for the donation.

DML, Thank you so much for a great evening last night. My daughter, Brooke and I enjoyed meeting you, Ashley, Denny and everyone else.  I just have to say that you are the kindest person I have ever met!  I know you must have been tired and exhausted from your trip last night ( driving through Atlanta is no joke),  but you spent hours going around and speaking to all of us personally, taking pictures and signing your autograph.  Did you even get to eat?  I know that I will always have great memories of last night, and I’m sure that everyone else there probably feels the same way.  Thank you for making a wonderful memory for me!  Safe travels! Sorry you had to bend over so much for us shorties in the picture.

DML: Great photo!  Thanks for the kind note.

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