Below are some of the emails you sent me, and my responses to them.

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I just wish to say how “thankful and blessed” we feel to have been invited to the home of the Matta’s to spend time with you, DML, and your family!!!

It was an incredible time to actually spend time with you in person. I have been a total fan of yours since the election of our President….never ever expecting to actually eat dinner with you, talk with you, and to be standing next to you (with no lipstick on while you have your arm around me and my arm around your back…Lol)…I was SO embarrassed, but SO excited at the same time!!! What GREAT memories we ALL share to actually MEET you and your precious family!!!

YOU ARE AWESOME in SO MANY WAYS…intelligent, very wise, so caring & compassionate, very entertaining, AND quite handsome…you are BLESSED with a fantastic wife, 4 great children, Dave (possible future son-in-law), and charisma and charm….you are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

And one day, I DO HOPE TO SEE YOU RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY…you WILL WIN HANDS DOWN!! In short, thank you for THE TRUTH and ALL you do to show how much you care about AMERICA!!

Hope to see you in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA in July!!!!
Dolores & Jason

DML: I won’t be in California in July. If we do stick to schedule it would be more like August, just FYI.  More importantly…. Thank you for the lovely email!  It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone at Nick and Jenna’s lovely home. Team DML is something special.

Dennis, Since your recent visit to the San Diego border, your video, “They Come to America 4”, should be very telling and reveal how little has been done since your previous videos, “They Come to America –Trilogy”, were filmed years ago. It is very frustrating when the American people can figure out what to do to help start solving this issue, but the officials, we elect, turn a blind eye to our insistence of common sense. I would like to know, if possible, when your release date is for “They Come to America 4” so that we can get that sent to D.C., ASAP….of course, I’ll keep one for my collection.
Could it be before the mid-term elections or before the end of the year?…I guess I’m a little anxious!
Wishing you safe travels and I have really enjoyed your updates. Thanks again.

DML: The film will be ready to view by the end of July. We will put it on DVD, online, and on Netflix / Amazon. In that order.  There will also be a They Come to America 5.  The issue is so bad, I cannot abandon it now.


I’m trying to keep up with your tour but the tour tab seems to be old information. Can you please update us! I live in Houston and would like to meet you.

DML: I apologize for that… As we travel through the west, we find the internet to be spotty as we drive through deserts and mountains.  It’s hard to keep up.  Right now we are in Vegas, getting ready to leave for Utah.  That said, I have changed course twice already, and will do so again over the next few days. We will not hit the Denver area as planned. Denver will be pushed into the Part II of our journey later this summer. Instead, we will travel through lower Utah, lower Colorado, and then head back into Texas. Because we are so behind schedule, we will not be hosting any meet and greets along the way. Perhaps a short stop in Tampa if time permits, but we are soon to pick up the RV again, and I expect that to slow us down. My apologies for those who wanted to meet us along the way. If something changes, we will let you know.