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Hi DML, listen to your truth today and you are so right. Trump did run on build the wall. Did he also say he was going to get rid of DACA?. I am with you I don’t want him to give amnesty to DACA. I think all immigration should be stop until our own is taken care of ( vets homeless, and the seniors)

DML: No DACA ever unless they cannot VOTE, and even then we need to get every bullet point we want.

First of all I have to tell you I have followed you everyday since well before the Nov 8,2016 election. I have enjoyed your shows and all you stand for. I have to say that I was disappointed today as to your opinion of our President over this DACA situation. I am 70 years old and have seen a lot and the one thing I have learned over the years is that
you don’t give up on someone if they make a mistake ( in your opinion), President Trump is doing the best he can to Make America Great Again! He is going to make decisions that we don’t all agree with, but we have to stand fully behind him. We gave him the office and no one could do any better than he he has done with the push against him all the way from the Democrats and the Media. So I am asking you to take a deep breath and keep up the fight for Trump!! He can do so much for America and the  American people with his base behind him. I pray that you will still be a champion behind him with us!! God Bless you and your family! Just remember no one is perfect except God!!

DML: Nobody needs to be perfect in order to reject DACA.  And we didn’t “give him the office.”  The Oval Office is ours.  We elected him to do a job based on promised he campaigned on.  One of the promises was eliminating DACA.  Although you are my elder, I too have experience, and I have learned that a promise is a promise, and some promises are forbidden to be broke.  A real man, let alone a real president, doesn’t break promises of this kind. So, with all due respect, you can stand behind Trump if he grants amnesty, but I will not. I will stand behind my country and the future for my kids, and Team DML.  If Trump goes through with DACA, he loses me and I never return as a champion for him. But, based on your email, it seems like that equates to a zero sum game because you’ll remain all in.  If it happens, will you be standing behind President Sanders, because like Obama he wants DACA as well.  On a side note, I ain’t breathing heavy, and my hand never trembles.

My president has stood behind more of his promises than any other politician I can remember. Do I want DACA? Hell no! Would I be disappointed.. Hell yes! Will I turn my back on him for it? Hell no!

DML: Good for you! Feeling that passionate about a person is a great feeling.  Just be sure to save this URL as a the answer you’ll need when you ask yourself “What the heck happened to my country?”

I watched your show today and after listening to you I am 100% against DACA!! I hope you can explain to me why illegals are allowed to vote in our elections.  I’ve never understood this. I don’t think  I could ever go to another country as an illegal and vote in their elections. Thanks for all you do DML. Much love to you and your family.

DML: They are not permitted to vote, but they do.

I absolutely loved today’s show, thank you for your honesty and integrity. I took today’s poll and yes I am behind my President 100% no matter what. My dealings with immigrants and gangs have been through my career in Law Enforcement / Corrections. I was surprised at today’s poll and to see that many fence sitters. I pray that daca is turned down fast, not I will give you this if you give me that. To me that’s giving into the swamp and making an empty promise from the start.  If I had my way I would decline daca before the end of the week and stop all entries into our country until we have the tightest of vetting systems in place. So many people wanted a replacement for the previous administration and now it’s here. I truly believe President Trump needs to feel the love and support so many have for him. To go through everything he has and is going through this country needs to show their respect. I pray that this daca decision will not cost him another 4 years, it is not worth it. This house loves our President and also the Lynch mob. Both are coveted in my prayers.

DML: I am not behind the president 100% if he caves on DACA.  Why would I stand behind someone who doesn’t stand behind my family and country?  Makes no sense.

Dennis…I can’t thank you enough for your blunt, honest, factual talk this morning.  Those attributes of yours are exactly what hooked me on day one.  My personality is similar, and sometimes it gets me in trouble, because I’m not afraid to speak the truth.  Truth hurts sometimes!!  I will forever be thankful for God leading me to you.  Just today you opened my eyes much wider in regard to DACA.  My heart goes out to the kids that have stayed out of trouble in the USA, but it finally clicked that they will be eligible to vote, and they won’t be voting conservative!!!  YIKES!  Reality check for me!!!  Please keep doing what you are doing, just the way you are doing it!  God bless, and Happy New Year!!!

DML: Just doing my job.  Happy New Year to you too.

Thank  you for your hard-hitting and TRUTHFUL show today.  It hits home with me on many levels.  I am one who has not voted for years, but did vote for Trump and have given support to the RNC for the first time ever (and I’m 61).  After discovering you in about September, I’ve not missed a single broadcast of yours because you’re the only news source my husband and I completely trust.  I am a public school teacher in liberal Southern California in one of the largest school districts in California.  Our district superintendent has put out newsletters praising our state’s new sanctuary status and the fact that now all students should be able to come to school free from fear.  If I can post one of his statements anonymously, I will.  I had previously seen the video you showed today of the Latino children and President Trump before, but today it struck me that that attitude is becoming more and more prevalent where I teach, which is in a predominately Latino, low-income, free-lunch, high gang activity area.  You are spot-on with your analysis of where this will all end if President Trump caves on DACA.  The wall will do nothing, the only way to fix the mess is to cut off the magnet, as you have shown us.  Please keep up the good fight, and know that my husband and I will continue to pray for your safety.

DML: Thanks for tuning in, and I happy you shared you experience of seeing things first hand.

What can we do to support you and all the info in your The Truth this morning about DACA getting to President Trump? Thanks, Nancy

DML: Phone calls next week.  This week too early.

I watched DML today 1/3/18 even tho it’s a REALLY hard decision. I have to say that I agree with you. You put it beautifully.

DML: Thanks, wish I did not have to.

DML, Can we hold it against the president if Congress rules in favor of DACA? Isn’t that out of his hands? I’m still in favor of removing illegal aliens, I don’t want DACA approved.

DML: He has to sign it into law, and he holds the veto power.  Not to mention, the GOP will follow his lead.  If they know he is dead set against it they will not try to launch legislation that he will reject, esp. in an election year.

Good Morning, as I sit here listening to you talk about DACA, I get madder and madder, being a dispatcher for law enforcement I came across an incident last night where an illegal immigrant was pulled over for a minor traffic offense, upon running the subject in the nationwide system he came back with what they call a administrative warrant through ICE, which means the subject was here illegally and wanted. I did my job and verified that the subject was wanted but I found out the following; a person being here in the USA illegally is not a criminal offense it is a civil offense so therefore law enforcement cannot detain or hold an illegal immigrant on these warrants unless they have local charges say the subject is driving and does not have a drivers license or officers found drugs on the subject, etc etc an the list goes on for local charges. So in this case this subject has a valid drivers license so we had no local charges on him so he got to go about his business. To me this is absurd, since when is being here illegally not a crime. My husband is a retired police officer and he told me it has been that way for at least the last 30 years, I believe this law needs to be changed what do you think?   Thank you for always telling us the truth whether it hurts or not we need to hear it.

DML: Laws are useless if they are not enforced.