In an ongoing attempt to communicate with my readers, below you will see some of the responses I’ve given to messages sent in.

I appreciate your communications, and I encourage you to send me a message using the submit news button on this website.

Hey DML. I just wanted to say your shows this week have been the best in all the years I’ve watched you.  Each day has offered something new.  On Monday you were downright hysterical in your news delivery and the following day you were sincere and serious.  Although your style was different I came away learning so much from you.  The change of tone and pace makes it such an entertaining experience…. a rare bird in the world of news.  On Wednesday you were equally informative, and then your show on Thursday was amazingly powerful.  You are so correct about the foundation of America being sledge hammered by the media.  I appreciate what you do and I love your films.  I cannot wait for the news ones to be released.

DML: Allen, I appreciate your comments.  Comments like yours, and the support we get from people buying our films and donating to our efforts is so important, and I cannot say thank you enough.

I agreed 1,000% with you DML; I, too, am concerned about the “crap” and future of America.  God bless you for trying to get through to everyone!  Even with his warts President Trump is our chance to right so much that is wrong with America/world and he (and his family) are giving up so much to MAGA.  I’m anxious to see how the mid-term elections go because that will indicate how much of the hate has affected everyone (or if there is discernment of truth by the majority).  The media attacks and Time Magazine, etc. only intensifies my support for President Trump but for others they suck it up big time and hate even more.  You can’t ever believe the polls so until the elections take place it’s going to be hard to know how really bad (or good) the state of the country will be in.  I’m hoping more people are being awakened to the good happening rather than the alternative.  Keep up the wonderful work you do.  I hope you give the principal an ear full (actually have no doubt) and the situation with your son and the coach gets resolved to your satisfaction!  ❤DML and your family!

DML: I gave the principal an earful, and as I explained to him in our meeting I am just getting started.  My words to him, in part: “I am not here for my son as much as I am for the next kid.  My son has a great support network at home — two parents who love him dearly and daily; he has siblings who show support, and he as an individual he is strong enough to weather the sort of behavior from this bully coach.  My son knows that he is not the problem, but rather the coach is the person with the issue.  My son suffered a great loss, but he will recover and grow stronger.  My bigger concern, especially after my experience with Parkland, is that the next child isn’t as strong.  Perhaps this coach’s next victim is not supported at home, and because he isn’t as strong in mind he takes out his pain by lashing out at others, or instead he hurts himself all because he was bullied and abused by this coach. It must stop here.” 

I punctuated my statement by saying the principal is guilty for having this sort of thing happen on his watch.  In the end, my fight has just started.  I will now go to the state and district levels.

I have to agree that the cover of Time Magazine is in bad taste. This is our Commander In Chief and does not deserve the ridicule he is receiving by the news media.  But on the bright side, this is showing President Trump he is doing his job.  The job he signed up for, to “Make America Great Again”.  Remember he was and still is a businessman, that’s his life’s blood. He didn’t become a billionaire from being nice and/or popular.  He became so because he is smart and knows how to get what he wants.  You could look at this as a compliment towards his presidency…it shows he is ruffling someone’s feathers and making changes.  Why didn’t you see Obama portrayed in this fashion? Because he wasn’t doing his job. He didn’t want to make America great again.  Like you said he wanted to transform America….which is so wrong.

DML: I appreciate your commentary and opinion, and encourage you to stay positive.  That said, I would be remiss not to say I think you may be overly optimistic about his impact on ruffling feathers in a way that results in MAGA.  Lets see.  Hope you are right.

I just finished THEY COME TO AMERICA #1.  It is the best documentary I have ever seen.  How this film didn’t win an Oscar is just proof that the liberals control the message.  I am so excited to watch the second installment tonight and the 3rd on Saturday.  I sent me free copies to the White House and hope the president takes us seriously.  Great job!

DML: Good for you Lou.  Way to participate.  Thanks for the compliment.  If people want to get the films and the free copies of TCTA 1,2, and 3, click the advertisement below.