DML: I respond to many interesting emails you sent me


Each day I receive a lot of emails, but yesterday and this morning I received a ton.  The well wishes that came in were overwhelming.   And so today I will break protocol a bit and provide one big blanket answer at the top, which is, THANK YOU!

Here is a collection of just some of the endless number of messages I received.

DML,  You mentioned you are going for a procedure.  Whatever your procedure is be sure the doctor you go to is a conservative!  Our family wishes you the very best.  We need you healthy.

DML, I have followed you for years and I can see how tired and overworked you looked in the past few months.  It is unhealthy and keeps you from performing at your best.  Please take care of you first!  Your readers and viewers will continue to visit your website throughout the day to get the news we trust and to support your team!

You made me cry yesterday during your Walk & Talk.  You work so hard for us and America.   I am so thankful you have the family you do.  I think they saved your life.  You care so much about us its incredible and I pray to God you are one day our president.  You could fix this world with the brains, love and personality you encompass.  Please get better.  We love you.

DML, I have emailed you several times but you never publish my email.  I know I speak for many people who believe you are better off without Harlan.  We mean no offense to him but we are here for you.  It is you who lured us in with your big heart and massively big brain.  The sense of humor, compassion and intelligence you display on a daily basis is unlike anything I have ever seen in my 62-years.  There is nobody in the media who can speak into a cell phone like you and inform and entertain for one hour each day.  Harlan will land on his feet somewhere else I am sure but never did I believe he was a good fit.  This is your gig and it needs to stay that way.  It’s like Rush Limbaugh having a side kick.  It isn’t needed and it would never work because Rush is too strong.  Batman never needed Robin.

Don’t ask me how it happened but somewhere along the way you became a part of my day.  If my DML fix did not happen for some reason it was a depressing day for me.  I understand you need to take time for yourself and it is selfish of me to want you for an hour each day but you have become a part of my family.  I am 69 years old and I have never felt like that about anyone on the TV.  I can’t not have you not a part of my daily life so please get some needed rest and follow whatever it is the doctor tells you to do.  This house loves DML.

I know that President Trump upsets you with the tweets.  Let it go!!!!!!!!!!!  There is no question he reads and follows you Dennis.  With the exception of your advise about the tweets going missed, everything he does always seems to follow what you’ve said or written to him the week before.  Now with Harlan on his reelection team is will be even better because we all know your message will be in there on a daily basis.  Harlan knows how smart you are and we all know he will tune into the Walk and Talk.  You groomed him for this new role.  First Diamond and Silk and now Harlan.  You are a maker of stars DML, but no star is bigger than yours.

DML, your W&T was phenomenal yesterday! I so appreciate the fresh and honest reporting you do. Stay healthy & happy.

First I want to tell you I love you and your family and your show. I have been watching you from the beginning. You have just gotten better and better! I have noticed your health decline and you on the edge. Because you care so much and love our Country! That comes through loud and clear!! Please do what the doctors and your loving family say you have to do!!! We all need you too!  How tired you look makes me cry. I had a feeling Harlan was leaving last week. In the 1950s my Father had his own business. He worked like you, ALL the time. I never saw him, I missed him. He looked as tired as you. He would hire help, teach them everything so he could be home more.  After they learned the business they would quit and start their own business. I saw something in Harlan that made me think of that time. Do not take it to heart and let that bother you. You will find the right person, my Father finally did. After ulcers almost killed him. I still miss my Dad. I watch you everyday, I don’t want to miss you.

FROM a U.S. Marine who served like your dad did in Vietman
I was listening to your Walk & Talk yesterday and could read between the lines at what you were saying about things taking place behind the scenes.  When you said your kids spoke to you at the pool about something that happened at the estate but you would not share what it was.  I knew right away you were speaking about a specific person.  You have too much class to tell us what really happened behind the scenes because you won’t bad mouth someone.  I know I am correct about this because you tell us everything.  For you not to reveal what it was your kids picked up on speaks volumes.  Then you also said someone told you they held back what they really felt about Trump or a policy. I can’t remember exactly but you told us, “remember this statement, it is very important.”  Then you repeated it later before speaking about the departure of a specific person.  I put it all together DML and all I can say is he was a “user.”  Not a user of drugs but a user of you.  I’ve read comments about you speaking mean and rudely to him last week.  That’s not true at all and if people would listen more to the show than reading the comments they’d pick this up.  If people actually listened they’d hear how it all developed.  You did nothing but offer praise day after day to that kid when he didn’t deserve it in my opinion.  Too much praise I think! I’m from Brooklyn (but now live in Florida) and my street instincts is as strong and accurate as your political gut.  I am never wrong about a person. Most all Democrats are the same.  You cannot trust them with too much.  This is your show and we are here for you because you are here for us.  There’s a small group of us Marines in a Facebook group who talk politics.  We all watch you.  If he held the Walk and Talk alone we didn’t watch.  We were glad you stopped running the new show.  He is smart but we found him to dance all over the place on some issues.  You can only tell this when you watch every day like we do.  I’m not trying to bash on the guy by writing this to you.  I want you know this is about YOU and I speak for my fellow Marines in this message.  We donated to YOU.  I sent in $100 more than once.  I have never donated to anything in my life with exception to groups associated with the Marine Corp. DML get better soon!  Get back on the streets walking and talking with us instead of some yellow kitchen. Semper Fi

DML, I was so glad to listen to your Walk and Talk today, 6/27, and hear you say you are cutting back. I have often wondered how you can do so much at one time. I have for the last few days, said to my husband that I was worried about you. Granted, I have never personally met you but feel like we are friends. Sounds weird to some but when you speak it’s almost like it’s coming right out of my mouth. I know I have burned the candle at both ends for my job and I see people I went to school with dropping like flies. I finally cut back and decided my family was way more important. Don’t worry, all that love you and what you do and what you stand for will always hang in there with you. I haven’t missed a minute of any broadcasts since I discovered you last October. You’re an amazing human being. I love how you love your family. You are the real deal. Please take care of yourself, for you, for your family and for all of us that love and trust your honesty. Blessings and prayers are sent your way.

Good evening, I just listened to the walk & talk for today and I am so thankful not only for you;  but fo your loving family. I only discovered you in the fall and have enjoyed your humor and honesty relaying the “world we live in” each day.   Your passion and love of the United States  is very evident and that is probably one reason you have yourself on OVERDRIVE!   Take care of yourself because your audience;  like your family wants you healthy!    Glad your kids are there helping; so DELEGATE, DELEGATE!   DELEGATE!     Hit the delete key on those who want to be negative and those who think they are in control of your agenda.  Step back…..listen to some of your early Walk & Talks of this year when you said Trump needs to stick to his plan……stick to your plan…don’t let others interrupt or demand more of you.   I know you have project line…stick to it.   GO SLOW and build a firm foundation…..Hope you start delegating email to your daughter; because truthfully you don’t need to read some of the crap people send.  I’ll quit rambling, I just want you to know, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE…..

I appreciate you sharing this special walk and talk with us today. Even though I knew you were struggling a little, you were so brave and honest with us, I commend you. You helped other people today in a special way. I’ve been worried you were overworked . When you are in a constant state of exhaustion I’ve heard there is a tendency to feel ravenous trying to get that energy you need somewhere! Thank you for finding a compromise where you can fulfill your dreams of helping America and putting your family and yourself first. You will be in my prayers especially tonight and every night as you regain your health. My respect for you just continues to grow.
This house loves DML, Debbie

Dennis just wanted to say, you do a fantastic job at what you do. For me tho, your walk and talks are the strongest suit you have. Your informative, your funny, you break down information like non other! So for me and I know your dream is bigger than just the w&t. Your health should come first and foremost. Your a smart man and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. What would happen if God forbid you go down? Whether it be a heart attack, pneumonia or any other thing that would prohibit you from doing what you love to do! I’ve listened to you from probably around 9/16 and your personality draws because your sincere desire is honesty and truth. So listen from the other side of the phone. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! We love you and want YOU around. Something else I like about you is you show a part of your faith. He (God) is the one to seek where your path from heaven has been predetermined. God Bless You and let the spiritual side of you not be anemic! God Bless our troops, God Bless these United States of America, God Bless president Trump and God Bless You and your family they Love you like we want our kids and wife to love us! Thank you for taking the time to read something as important as a life!

Hi Dennis, I’ve never written you before and I may never again, but I want you to know that I enjoy your walk and talks tremendously and I’m thrilled your going back to them. I remember you saying as long as you could walk you would be doing them. I also just want you to know that I believe in my heart God put Trump in office and He’s got this! I’ll be praying for you as I have done since the day I started watching you. Sincerely, Arlene in Washington State

Your family and your heath always come first. Depending on what your doctor says tomorrow, maybe you should reconstitute the Wine and Talk. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to that Wine and Talk I got introduced to J. Mohr wine and I really like it. Maybe you could get a commission from the winery for getting them New customers. LOL. I have only been with you since last Summer, have the App, and think you are doing great service to America. Take care of yourself.

You are better than Tucker, Hannity, Rush… you name it.  I donated $50 to you last year and it remains the best $50 I have spent on anything in decades.  You need to get your buttock in shape and stick with us Trump or no Trump in office.  I have never seen a man share his Christmas morning with his viewers like you did.  Gloria sent you her last dollar and her last letter while alive.  You walked a man off suicide watch last week.  Tucker, Hannity, Rush…. they don’t do that sort of thing.  You are incredible and you need to be strong.  Scarlett and Harlan are nice people I am sure but they are no why we are here.  We are here for you and your family because we know you love us like we love you.  I tell my sister all the time that with DML you get back what you put in.  I am 75 years old and you are the single best newsman I have ever watched or listened to in my life.  I plan on voting for you some day.  This house loves DML.

DML, I watched your walk and talk today. I am glad that you are getting back to the basics, and taking a break from all of the stress.Walk and talks every day at the same time each day would be great.  You are so funny and entertaining, and that’s why people like you on Facebook. All of the other stuff can wait, until you get back in shape and de stress.  Your family is right. Sometimes when people get burned out, they can lose perspective on how much they have done to change the lives of others.

So, Just to let you know, you have made a huge difference in my family. My sister was a Hillary supporter in 2008. She used to watch the Today show, and the main stream media. She never noticed how biased the reporting was.  I considered her an independent, but uninformed about the issues. I told her about you and she started watching during last year’s election drama.  And what a difference you made in her political views.  She never watches the main stream media anymore, and her eyes have been opened and she has a brand new perspective. And we now can talk about politics, together, Thanks to you.

On election day, and night, I could not watch any television.  The only 2 people I watched were Rush Limbaugh (on dittocam) and your internet show. Thanks for all you do.
Susan from Scottsdale, Az.

I cannot understand why the Trump people would pick Harlan to be on the reelection team and not you DML.  You are a reason why Trump was elected.  I am proof that this is true because I was not going to vote for him or Clinton.  I hated both candidates but you convinced me and many of my friends to vote for Trump.  Why would the Trump people pick Harlan when he is a Democrat?  DML you need to drink more water and cut off the cheeseitz.

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