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Dennis Michael Lynch, CEO of DML News, responded Monday to the “New Year’s resolution” tweet by defeated presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who vowed to fight President Trump’s policies across the nation.

“Here is a New Year’s Resolution I hope you will share with me. In 2018, we will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land,” Sanders tweeted late Sunday night.

DML hit back at Sanders on Monday afternoon with the following tweet:

“Rn’t u the feisty 1 today, u overdose on Viagra? No,that cant b it, they dont give blue pills away 4 free. Perhaps u raided DNC coffers? No that cant b it, DNC has no $. BTW does ur “vision” include photos of ur 3homes, including the 1 on the lake? #Hypocrite. Can u feel the bern.”

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