President Trump held a bipartisan meeting with both Republican and Democrat lawmakers Tuesday afternoon, and made it clear he will approve a DACA deal.

Trump said it should be a “bill of love,” but insisted that funding for the wall must be included in the bill.

DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch, who has released three documentary films on the consequences and dangers of illegal immigration in America, and has worked tirelessly for the past 10 years to raise awareness on the issue, was extremely upset upon hearing about Trump’s commitment to DACA.

A Twitter storm erupted in response to Trump, as DML shot out the following statements:

“@realDonaldTrump &Senators insult peep who believe in rule of law by calling us “far right. Trump lied to voters aboutDACA. Tack on POTUS not ridding of Obamacare…was Art of Deal making peep think they were voting for conservative? Feeling f*cked. Obama must be thrilled.”

“@realDonaldTrump listening to lib Ivanka about DACA, in tandem ready to blow up Breitbart, Tea Party &right. USA if u think ur getting border wall, Trump has bridge to sell you. Goes from SanDiego to Mexico, Sold as-is but Comes w/copy of @BarackObama Dreams from my Father book.”

One Twitter user responded with, “Wait, DML until any bill is signed in regards but I understand your frustration.”

DML tweeted back in response, “U wait for Tsunami to hit, see how it pans out. Congress members who stand ground against daca survive, everyone else drowns.”

In another tweet to Trump, DML reminded him of the angel parents who have lost children to crime committed by illegal aliens: “Imagine how parents of children killed by illegal aliens feel today. @realDonaldTrump promised you no amnesty during campaign before and after the photo opp. They must feel used & abused. My heart bleeds for them today. Please know I will never do that to you. #DonnyDACA.”


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