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Breitbart News Network is conservative leaning media organization founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart (1969–2012). Although most widely known for its website (, they also operate a daily radio program, ‘Breitbart News Daily.’

Breitbart recently expanded its wings by producing a documentary about Hillary and Bill Clinton. The one-hour film is based on the best-selling book, ‘Clinton Cash.’

I watched the film earlier this week. The premise is simple: ‘the Clintons are crooks.’

The film provides insight into how the Clintons use paid speeches as a way to sell access. Meaning, if an organization, country, or wealthy individual needs something from the US government, all they have to do is hire Bill or Hillary to give a speech at an extremely high dollar amount (e.g. $500k), and in return the Clinton couple will use their political power to help the entity get what they need. The film goes deep into explaining how it all works.

Rating the film is not as easy as explaining it. From an entertainment perspective, I found the film less-than-easy to sit through. Cinematically, it’s not a very engaging experience. For example, there are no interviews with insiders or experts. The entire film is a collection of old video clips, and its all narrated by one person. Thus, it tends to feel monotone at times. However, if the viewer cares less about being entertained and more about being educated, then the film works in a big way! The information provided is sensational. I pride myself on knowing a lot about the Clintons, but I learned a ton of information from watching ‘Clinton Cash.’

In closing, with the election just a few months away, Clinton Cash is a must see film. The problem is I remain concerned that because of its lack of style, Independent voters will not have the patience to watch Clinton Cash for the full 60-minutes. I hope I am dead wrong.

Here is the film:


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