DML Rips Apart Soros: “This piece of crap is a hero to the LEFT” (video)

Last night on The Truth,” Dennis Michael Lynch went off on George Soros and the liberal social media outlets who continue to make it difficult for conservative voices to be heard on the platforms they operate.

During the 30-minute program, which can be watched by clicking here, DML carved out a hard-hitting rant about billionaire George Soros. DML’s commentary came immediately after his explanation of how and why YouTube would not allow DML to run ads on a news report about the danger of North Korea.

“I got an email from Google stating I could not monetize our clip about North Korea being dangerous because it was not in line with their community standards. Since when does a news report about national security break community standards? How can a video of a decorated U.S. retired general’s warnings about North Korea not fit within community guidelines? Here’s the truth, it doesn’t fit within the liberal narrative, that’s the problem. That’s why we can’t monetize our clip,” said DML prior to his verbal lashing of Soros.

You can see DML’s rant about Soros and then chat about it below:


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