DML rips into Paul Ryan for his comments about Trump and tax reform

A few days ago, Speaker Ryan sent the stock market in a downward direction with his comments about President Trump and tax reform. Investors didn’t like hearing Ryan say that tax reform would be harder to get done than health care.

According to Dennis Michael Lynch, Ryan bears most of the blame for the healthcare bill that failed to pass the House last month.

“Ryan is a snake, he is ‘the swamp,’ he is the elite GOP, and he wants the president to fail,” said DML on episode 4 of “The Truth.”

“He fails on health care, and now he is warning that taxes won’t get done. Ryan and the GOP elite don’t want Trump in office — they want him to fail more than the Democrats do.”

Political analyst Harlan Hill agreed with DML. Hill said, “President Trump is getting things done, … the Senate is getting things done. The House is the only place where things are going nowhere and that’s Paul Ryan’s doing.”

DML responded, “He gets up there and claims the House has a plan for tax reform, but then he slams the Senate and the president for not having plans at the ready.” He continued, “That’s his sneaky way of getting the president back for telling people to tune into Fox News and watch Judge Jeanine throw Ryan under the bus.”

There’s much more to the commentary. Watch it and see the video of Ryan below:


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