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Here are the stories I am watching for April 24, Wednesday.


Fox News reports Bernie Sanders’ call to let prisoners vote sparks heated debate…. From Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” to Cher on Twitter, 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders caused quite a stir when he said during a CNN town hall Monday that convicted criminals in prison, including Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and rapists, should be allowed to vote. McCain seemed flabbergasted that Goldberg agreed with Sanders. Cher, an unapologetic celebrity liberal icon, blasted Sanders so thoroughly on Twitter that Donald Trump Jr. welcomed her to the Republican Party. The backlash appears to have caused potential 2020 rival, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., to rethink her views. After initially saying “we should have that conversation” about allowing criminals currently in prison to vote, Harris appeared to be backtracking, saying Tuesday that criminals such as murderers and terrorists should be deprived of their right to vote.

MY TAKE: Bernie would sell his mother on a street corner if the thought it would get him the black vote.

ALSO:… Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday that former Vice President Joseph Biden is the Democrats’ best chance to defeat President Trump in 2020 but has no chance to win the primary. “Here’s the thing: Joe Biden is probably the best chance they’ve got, and he doesn’t have a chance. They’re probably — Joe Biden? And crazy Bernie [Sanders]? And Mayor Pete [Buttigieg]? Three white guys, two of them are brontosauruses from ‘Jurassic Park,’ and that isn’t going to sit well with the rest of this party, which has gone so far left,” Limbaugh said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” Limbaugh also said Biden may not be fully committed to running in 2020. Biden’s long-awaited 2020 presidential bid announcement has been pushed back from Wednesday to Thursday. (Watch Limbaugh’s interview above.)

Rush doesn’t have the best track record lately when it comes to predicting winners. In 2018 he said there would be no blue wave and that Republicans would pick up House seats.  Ok, ask Trump how that turned out.  If you want a crystal ball reader who can help you foresee the future, you’re on the right website.  That said, Biden has every chance to win the primary and probably will.

Axios is reporting
..Facing a multi-front war in the post-Mueller world, President Trump is turning to litigation strategies that he long used in business — resist, delay and sue.

“Trump can run out the clock by taking a hardline position,” a source familiar with the president’s legal strategy told me.
“The president thinks it’s in his political interest to keep the fight going, and make it harder for the Democrats to have a coherent message.”
Trump told the WashPost’s Robert Costa yesterday that he is opposed to current and former White House aides providing testimony to congressional panels.

“There is no reason to go any further, and especially in Congress where it’s very partisan — obviously very partisan,” Trump said.
The day before, the Trump Organization sued House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) to block a subpoena that seeks years of the president’s financial records.

The suit amounts to Trump, the leader of the executive branch, asking the judicial branch to stop the legislative branch from investigating him. (AP)

MY TAKE: They prefer Trump just bow down and do whatever they want. Of course he will use the courts, just like the Left does and did when they try to stop the border security efforts Trump has attempted.  I say, SUE ALL OF THEM.

ALSO…Jared Kushner is cooking up immigration legislation that would increase the number of high-skilled workers entering the U.S., and decrease the number of migrants coming based on family ties, administration and Hill sources tell Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Stef Kight and Alayna Treene.

In private briefings, Kushner calls the plan “neutral,” meaning it would neither raise nor lower the overall number of legal immigrants.
After getting prison reform signed into law in December, Kushner has spent months trying to find an immigration compromise — a goal that has eluded both parties for many years.

Why it matters: This is President Trump casting Jared as peacemaker again, as he did with the Middle East.

Jared’s ideology is almost irrelevant — he tries to be the “pragmatic,” business-minded problem solver.

Kushner said yesterday in New York, during an onstage interview with TIME’s Brian Bennett, that he will present a comprehensive immigration reform plan to Trump by early next week.

MY TAKE: We need a reduction in immigration.  If we wanted neutral immigration and prison reform we could have voted for Hillary.  There are a few crappy things about the Trump administration that I did not expect, Jared the liberal is one of the those things.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Supreme Court split on citizenship question. The high court appeared deeply divided on whether the Trump administration can ask U.S. residents on the 2020 census whether they are citizens, with the court’s conservative majority voicing skepticism of legal challengers who say adding the question is unlawful.

ASLOAmericans are sitting more. We have computers to blame. Across a range of age groups, average sitting time increased roughly an hour a day from 2007 to 2016, according to a large study that found computer use has contributed to a more sedentary lifestyle over the past two decades.

MY TAKE: You have to incorporate an hour of walking into your day if you are physically able.  The sitting can cause heart disease and cancer. As for the census, all you need to do is read my tweet. Excuse my French…

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