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Good morning!

These are the stories I am watching for April 16.

1) FOX NEWS IS REPORTS: SANDERS UNAPOLOGETIC IN COMBATIVE FOX NEWS TOWN HALL: Sparks flew almost immediately at Fox News’ town hall with Bernie Sanders as the 2020 presidential candidate refused to explain why he would not voluntarily pay the massive new 52-percent “wealth tax” that he advocated imposing on the nation’s richest individuals — even though his tax records show that he is a millionaire … Just minutes before the town hall began, Sanders released 10`years of his tax returns. Sanders later admitted outright that “you’re going to pay more in taxes” if he became president.

According to the returns, Sanders and his wife paid a 26 percent effective tax rate on $561,293 in income, and made more than $1 million in both 2016 and 2017. Sanders donated $10,600 to charity in 2016 and $36,300 in 2017, the records showed, followed by nearly $19,000 in 2018. But pressed by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum as to why he was holding onto his wealth, Sanders laughed and asked the anchors to pressure Trump on his taxes and challenged the president to make his tax records public.

MY TAKE: Sanders is a lying con man who needs to be exposed.  I will do this for all of 2020.  Chime in today on the Walk & Talk.

2) ALSO INTERESTING: MUELLER TIME THIS THURSDAY: The buzz in Washington, D.C. is at a fever pitch as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s much-anticipated Russia report is set to be released to the public and Congress on Thursday morning, the Justice Department has announced … Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec told Fox News on Monday the report would be made available — with redactions — Thursday morning to lawmakers and to the public. The news comes despite mounting calls from Democrats to first release the report to Congress without redactions.

MY TAKE: A new frenzy will emerge as Democrats demand the black lines be erased.  More on this today during my LIVE at 10am on

3) LEFT LEANING AXIOS is telling their liberal readers that MONEY DOESN’T MATTER. Having lots of money at the beginning of a presidential race — or even at the end — matters much less than it did in the past, Axios’ Felix Salmon and Alexi McCammond write.

Huge out-of-the-gate dollar advantages for Hillary Clinton in 2008 or Jeb Bush in 2016 didn’t help them over the finish line. There’s a long history of rich people trying and failing to win elections with money: Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Linda McMahon, etc. Such presidential follies go all the way back to Ross Perot in 1992, and are likely to be continued by Howard Schultz this cycle. David Koch was the Libertarian Party candidate for vice president in 1980! Be smart: President Trump probably could have won in 2016 with no money.

MY TAKE: They are correct, Trump could have won with no money, but only because the networks gave him so much free air time.  He will not be so lucky this time.  He will need LOTS of money, but more importantly, LOTS OF HELP!  I will discuss at 10am and on the Walk & Talk.

4) Ratings for Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” final-season premiere set a series record— 17.4 million viewers, per Hollywood ReporterThat beats the previous record by 500,000 — the 2017 finale of Season 7, when the show averaged “an astonishing 31 million viewers per episode once live, time-shifted, on-demand and streaming plays are tallied.”

Sunday’s tally “includes 11.8 million viewers watching the first-run telecast, and a 50% jump in viewers for the growing streaming platform of HBO Now.” Be smart … Axios’ Sara Fischer, in today’s Media Trends newsletter, warns of “the end of appointment TV” since “Thrones,” one of the last remaining shows that kept an appointment-viewing culture alive, is nearing its end.

MY TAKE: Mary says I have to watch this show. I have resisted thus far, should I give in?  In today’s LONG form Walk & Talk for 99 cent subscribers on Facebook, we will discuss the impact of Hollywood on kids in America.

5) THE WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTS: House panels subpoena Deutsche Bank. Two House panels have issued subpoenas to the German bank and other financial institutions, as Democrats continued to pursue an inquiry into Mr. Trump’s financial interests, just days before the expected release of Mr. Mueller’s report.

MY TAKE: If the the witch hunt for Trump’s removal was a football game, we’re only be in the first quarter.  I discuss at 10am.

6) One Republican’s answer to the Green New Deal. Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander’s plan on climate change seeks to find the considerable common ground he sees on a problem that Mr. Trump belittles. His strategy calls for using government research dollars and incentives to ramp up use of a whole range of alternative energy sources, writes Gerald F. Seib.

MY TAKE:  This is NOT the way to go about this.  I will explain how to address the issue at 10am on

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  1. DML, re whether or not you should watch Game of Thrones, here is my take. It is without a doubt the most amazing series of all time. The acting, the music, the sets, the writing – are unbelievable and I can’t even imagine how much it all costs. That said, the story lines are filled with palace intrigue, foul language (although it fits the story and is how some people actually talk), LOTS of nudity and sex scenes that for many people are considered pornographic, incest, naked human greed, barbaric and extremely graphic fight scenes and murders – in other words it’s a lot like watching real people play real politics, which upsets us every day. So – if you consider that entertaining, by all means watch a few segments but start at the beginning.

  2. Did Ellen describe this show correctly? I have never watched it so can’t comment on its content. BUT if she is correct, I don’t think i want to ever watch it. Oh well, just more hollywierd stuff i suppose.

    I love you telling us what you are watching today and comments on W&T about each item. Looking forward to watching W&T later. Love and hugs


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