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  1. I to have years on you.but the rule has always been if you take on the job of a leader you find a way to right the ship .you don’t blame your competitors for you lack of leadership.I give Dennis all the praise.he sees and has seen for a long time the fix. We are all board members in a way we are supposed to hold our CEO to the fire. To ignore the Truths that Dennis points out is. In a sence is a vote against our nation ..for the love of our country.get behind Dennis or get out.I’m one willing to stand and follow his plans to be part of the DML team member that will fix a broken America.with Dennises vision I feel we can and will.

  2. Thank you for all you do I stand with you. I am a hard working American trying to make ends meet. I feel Trump is starting not hold onto his promises and like you say he is good at running his mouth. Continue to do what you do and spread the truth so everyone hears it. May God richly bless you.

  3. Mr. Lynch – I know you’re really angry right now and I am too and I totally 100% understand what you’re saying and agree with E-Verify and I understand why this isn’t happening. Could you please just answer whether you think the POTUS will wait until after midterms to do anything at all about immigration or are we just basically conceding this country over to illegals, the Dems, and Communism completely at this point? I’m 62 years old. My family was all from Texas on my Mom’s side – I am more than painfully aware of what happens on the border, even though I live in Missouri and grew up in Illinois. My Dad was career military, Army in WW-2 and Korea, then straight into the Army National Guard, for a total of 37 years of service consecutively. I’m quickly losing hope in this country and I am struggling to hang onto MAYBE something will be done after the midterms, although I fear if we lose the House, all hope may be lost – if by some miracle we hang onto both, will somebody, like Trump and/or the Reps do anything at all or do we just prepare for gun-seizing and Communism now at this point?

  4. DML – I have tweeted over and over to DJT and MP and as many congress/senators who have accounts on twitter I can find. I do not know what else, other than vote, etc. I can do. I used to work as a waitress as a 18 year old. I worked in a parks department as a teen, I worked in fast food. I did all these jobs as a YOUNG adult. Now as an older adult, I work in offices or as a substitute teacher. I wanted to start a landscaping business but can not compete. I have two sons and a brother living in my house hold because they cannot afford to rent the regular priced apartments because they make about $10 per hour, some have no benefits like me. It is good my husbands employer has insurance. You are 100 percent correct sir. What more can we do?

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