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For Day 10 of the DML tour, Oklahoma became our home!

The team traveled south from Kansas into the state housing Oklahoma City. However, before making our way there, we made a pit stop to the ghost town of Picher.

Back in the day, Picher was a bustling town before it experienced a breakout of toxic lead poisoning that resulted in the federal government buying out a majority of its residents. Now, it’s a ghost town with about five families still present. The land is being resold to a Native American tribe in act of reclamation.

The team had the chance to film a few abandoned buildings and sites that were also affected by a major tornado a few years ago. The eeriness of the town, including commentary from a few local patrons, definitely resonated with us. We luckily got to interview a resident who has been home to Picher for decades. He gave a heartfelt description of how the beautiful town has fallen from grace.

We departed the ghost town for the lively Oklahoma City to see Max’s Magic Theatre, which is operated by the magician Max Krause himself. Max recently moved from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City following a few financial strifes, but he’s planning on making a major comeback.

While DML and Ashley filmed most of the show, David and I got to be Max’s guinea pigs. He showed us an array of tricks from shuffling card decks, magical iPhone apps, and even a grand finale that blew all four of our minds. He definitely gives Houdini a run for his money!

Max’s website can be found here for booking. He also has a Facebook page. Definitely check him out!

Our next destination will be northern Texas as we head to the west coast. Stay tuned!

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