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They say everything is bigger in Texas.

But in this case, we downsized. The DML team for Day 11 wrapped up in Oklahoma City by filming some clips at the memorial center honoring victims from the 1995 bombing. It was humbling and educational for our morning start.

We then made way for Amarillo, Texas. It was my first time ever in the lone star state, and boy… it’s damn hot. Amarillo was tracking in 100 degree weather according to my weather app.

And that is why it was time to give the RV a break. Following many missteps of mainteance issues, uncomfortable parking problems, and a recently broken AC unit, we dropped the hunkering menace at a storage lot. For the next ten days, we are Jeepin’ it!

After we packed up the Wrangler, we headed for the Cadillac Ranch. The unique location has about ten old Cadillacs dug halfway into the ground. Visitors stop by and use spray paint cans to scribe artwork and messages to leave their mark.

Of course, we marked up a few Cadillacs with “TEAM DML” labels. David insisted on painting a heart with his initials and Ashley’s in a cheesy act of romance.

A few pictures of our art can be seen below. It’s definitely something you should check out.

At the moment, we are westbound for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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