The DML team has ventured further into the desert lands of the U.S.

Our next stop on Day 12 was Albuquerque, New Mexico. Last night, we checked into the Downtown Historic Bed & Breakfast, a family operated business. We were given a quaint cottage for our stay.

In the morning, the DML team enjoyed a lovely breakfast prepared by Steve and Kara Grant and their daughters, the family that runs the bed and breakfast. We were also fortunate enough to film them cooking and interview them for their backstory for America the Beautiful.

David, Ashley and I checked out Old Town Albuquerque while DML rested from a long night’s drive. We experienced beautiful musical performances from a mariachi band and a guitar player.

To finish off our Albuquerque experience, the team along with DML attended the annual Albuquerque Wine Festival at Balloon Fiesta Park. Ashley, being underaged, was our designated driver while DML, David and I tried out various different wines. At one point, a woman named Jamie Jordan recognized DML and admitted she was a huge fan of his Facebook page. DML left the event happy after buying three bottles of wine and a ten minute massage from a masseuse.

We’ll be staying Albuquerque one more time tonight, then tomorrow we’ll continue west for Arizona.

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