The DML team comes to Arizona!

For Day 13 of our trip, the crew left New Mexico for southern Arizona. On our 6 hour drive, we passed through multiple mini towns along the interstate bordering the U.S.-Mexico line. The heat and whopping temperature wasn’t too bad with the top in the Jeep Wrangler being down. If we still had the RV, it’d be a whole different story.

We made way for Sierra Vista, Arizona. The small elevated town was a primary film shoot for DML during his filming of the first They Come to America. Filming today primarily consisted of content for They Come to America 4, as well as America the Beautiful.

DML introduced us to Cochise Country Sheriff Mark Dannels, as well as a few other fellow officers. Sheriff Dannels was a big help to DML during filming for the first TCTA documentary, such as bringing him down to the borderline where loads of drug smuggling happens.

This time around, the entire crew went down to a primary focal point used in the drug trade. We caught some amazing camera shots, including footage of the county’s helicopter flying around and making a landing. The filming was incredible, though DML did accidentally break our second drone…

After we departed the sector, we actually witnessed an arrest made by Dannels on the way back to our meeting spot. Dannels ran the plates to a car pulling out of an area known for drug dealing, and manage to bust a man who had an assortment of drugs in his vehicle. It felt like an episode of COPS unfolding before our eyes.

The long, hot day ended with us making way for San Diego, where we will be celebrating Memorial Day at a fellow supporter’s BBQ. In case we don’t meet you tomorrow, have an incredible Memorial Day!

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