The DML team decided to up the ante today by tackling not just one, nor two… but four states at once!

We were able to visit four states at once on Day 22 of our tour by visiting the Four Corners Monument that bridges together four states: Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.

Of course, we grabbed a few pictures and video of each of us standing on the landmark that connects the four states. Afterwards, we interviewed an elderly Navajo woman named Rita. She works at the frybread shack on the Navajo Reservation, which encompasses the monument. Rita demonstrated to DML the purpose of dreamcatchers, which are unique crafts designed by indigenous individuals. DML obviously purchased one as a gift for Ms. Mary.

We then trekked south into New Mexico to stop at a world famous diner called Dad’s Diner. Its unique optics bring back visuals of old-timer diners from decades ago. On top of the unique look, the food was delicious too! You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of its charm in America the Beautiful.

We’re continuing our travel to Texas, but for the moment we are staying overnight at a hotel before we pick up the RV tomorrow. Once we’re in Amarillo, our schedule should take us to cities such as Fort Worth, Dallas, and Houston.

With WiFi back in our favor, I’ll post another update tomorrow!