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The DML team has a big update for everyone.

We first want to address our second terrible experience at a Hilton hotel. Last night, we stayed at one of their “pristine” resorts outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The establishment was grand and overall beautiful, but we soon found ugliness.

This ugliness includes finding MORE bugs in our room. Last time we stayed at a Hilton in Tucson, we found a cockroach. This time however, David found spiders in the extra sheets he ordered up to our room. He luckily killed one, which looked eerily similar to the dangerous brown recluse spider.

The disgust didn’t stop there. We all decided to check our sheets in case there were any more bugs. DML found moth holes in his sheets, and David found long, stringy black hairs in more of his sheets. There was also a suspicious looking blood stain on David’s pillowcase. While the Hilton was considerate in reimbursing DML his hotel points, the original employee we reported the issue to was rude, uncaring and told us “don’t complain to me.”

We caught the entire fiasco on camera. And DML will no longer be staying at the Hilton.

Now for our big update: due to numerous conditions, we will be ending the tour a bit earlier than expected. Our biggest reason is due to Ashley’s health, since she’s been sick the past few days and is only getting progressively worse.

Secondly, we returned to the RV today in Amarillo. The conditions of the behemoth are far worse now with a broken AC unit, dysfunctional cabinetry, and a generator that is currently giving us issues. At this point, it’s become more unsafe to drive it, so DML finds it best to get it back to Orlando as quick as possible.

Additionally, we do have loads of footage and content for part 1 of America the Beautiful. If we were to continue filming, DML would have to sacrifice some of the amazing things we’ve  captured in the past 23 days. States we had scheduled to visit and film, such as Texas, Arkansas, Florida, and Alabama, will be included later on in part 2 instead.

Overall, we are happy with the decision to cut it short for safety and content reasons. It’s been a long, unforgettable journey. Of course, we will keep you updated until we arrive back to the RV store in Orlando. We’re on the road currently swinging into Oklahoma. If we find anything of interest along the way, we will definitely pull over to record it.

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