Following a humble meet-and-greet last night at Humble Pie Pizzeria, the DML team embraced the swirling rapids of the Chattooga River in Long Creek, South Carolina on Day 3 of our national tour.

Our journey on the scenic and beautiful river is hard to describe in words! The majestic nature of the landscape was not only overwhelming, but simply encapsulating to the human eye. After all, it is the infamous river where Deliverance was filmed.

Equipped with GoPros and cameras, the team and four guides embarked along the 3 hour trek that borders South Carolina and Georgia. The guides we journeyed with work for Wildwater Chattooga: Rafting & Canopy Tours. Their website can be reached here.

In one raft was Ashley and David with tour guide Ryan, who is an all around expert in knowledge of local plant and animal species along Chattooga. In another raft were guides Josh and Howard, who were specifically tasked with getting beautiful cinematography of our expedition.

In my raft was DML and our main guide, Trey. Born and raised as a humble and generous Christian, Trey recently had a baby daughter with his wife, whose father operates the rafting company. We were afforded the chance to interview Trey for DML’s upcoming film, America the Beautiful. Trey, who is as gracious as he is knowledgable, gave us wonderful commentary on his perspective about what makes America an incredible country. More will be revealed when the film is released.

Our river journey was definitely enhanced by the charismatic nature and hospitality of our guides Trey, Ryan, Josh and Howard. If you’re ever in the Long Creek area and are seeking an unforgettable journey, these are the guys you need to contact.

The last 48 hours in the South Carolina-northern Georgia region were remarkable. The meet and greet on Night 2 went immensely well, and we were excited to be introduced to supporters who traveled 2-3 hours to see DML. We were expecting initially 20 people, but overall we had 40 fun and loving supporters present. With loads of pizzas and pictures, it was a great time, and we humbly thank the management at Humble Pie for making it happen.

DML would also like to apologize for missing out on doing a Walk & Talk this morning. Due to connection and WiFi constraints at many of these campsites, Facebook Live posed technical difficulties. However, DML, Trey and I recorded a video for you guys to watch while we were on the river!

Our next destination will be Nashville, Tennessee. More updates for tomorrow!

Below is our video, as well as a few pictures from the meet-and-greet and the river trip: