“Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!”

And oh boy were there some ten-star, all-star people today at the Andrew Jackson Hermitage in Nashville!

This morning, the DML team finally departed the northern Georgia region after a long night of chugging through mountainous roads and more torrential rain. We arrived in Nashville for our fourth day on the national tour for another meet-and-greet at the Andrew Jackson Hermitage.

We were welcomed by about fifty people from different states surrounding Tennessee, such as Georgia, Kentucky, the Virginias, and even Canada! The luncheon was incredible as DML was granted the chance to meet dedicated supporters and donors.

While Ashley, David and I filmed the event, DML had the chance to sit down with many supporters to discuss his films, our travels, and the difficulty of driving a 40 ft. RV while trailering a Jeep Wrangler. A few of the supporters even gave us some snacks and gifts for our travels, including a few t-shirts from one gentleman who helped develop the element Tennessine on the periodic table at Oak Ridge Laboratories!

Overall, our second meet-and-greet went very well, and it was relieving to meet and chat with some incredibly friendly and generous individuals.

At the moment, our team is traveling to Kentucky (and yes, it is STILL raining) to meet with Jona Ryan, who operates a beautiful horse ranch outside of Lexington. We will be interviewing her for DML’s film, America the Beautiful. Hopefully we get to ride some horses too!

Tomorrow we will be traveling to West Virginia for some film shots, and then later that night we will be heading to Cincinnati for the Reds game with more supporters! Stay tuned.