The DML team is horsin’ around!

It’s Day 5 of our national tour, and at the moment we are on the road heading out of Kentucky and en route to West Virginia.

Last night following a wonderful meet-and-greet in Nashville, we trekked to Boonesborough, Kentucky to meet Jona Ryan and her wonderful 15-year-old right-hand gal, Jersey. The two along with Jona’s husband and daughter run a horse ranch called Deer Run Stable. Their website can be found here.

We interviewed Jona and learned about her passion to help impoverished and less fortunate children through equestrian therapy. We also had the pleasure of talking to Jersey and learning about how vital she is to managing 20+ horses everyday.

This morning after a stable night’s rest at a local RV park, we went back to the ranch to journey down a path to folk legend Daniel Boone’s cabin. While DML and Ashley got to ride horseback with Jona and Jersey, David and I had to embrace the treacherous trail by foot in order to get some incredible footage. And yes, David slipped and fell on his butt at one point, and it was hilarious.

Jona detailed to DML her struggle to get funding and grants from the state government in order to help more kids. In response to Jona’s wonderful hospitality and her generous nature to aid youngsters in desperate, Team DML donated to her mission to help get her started this summer.

After West Virginia, we will be be heading to the Cincinnati Reds game tonight with supporters!