It’s been a very long 24 hours.

Following our trip to Kentucky yesterday, we made a quick trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. We got hang out with Amber and Charessa, the managers of Sold Sisters Realtors. They gave us the grand tour of the small town and some of its more low-level neighborhoods, including the Mothman statue!

Following our time there, we headed to Cincinnati for the Reds game.  Unfortunately due to time constraints, Ashley and I stayed behind while DML and David went to the stadium to hangout with fans and supporters for the third official meet-and-greet.

We then trekked to Canton, Ohio to meet and interview a family that works on an organic farm. DML also had the chance to surprise a longtime fan, Carol.

Following Canton, we trekked back to our campsite at Buckeye Lake. As some of you may know from DML’s Facebook live post, the RV got stuck in the mud! We were eventually towed out, but to say we’re exhausted is putting it lightly.

At the moment, we are driving to Indianapolis to do more filming for America the Beautiful and DML’s Parkland shooting documentary. More updates will follow, hopefully with less RV issues!

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