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After a full week on the road, the DML team took on the state of Missouri!

Following our departure from Indianapolis, we journeyed to a small town named Sullivan in the state of Missouri. There we met with representatives from Executive Wood Products, Inc., including their Vice President, Tina Siebenman.

We interviewed Tina and a few folks about the work their doing for schools, which includes developing bulletproof panels to protect children from potential shooters. The segment will be featured in DML’s documentary centering on the Parkland school shooting and school safety.

We then headed to Kansas City to meet with the Veterans Community Project, a 501 nonprofit corporation founded by actual veterans. We met and interviewed Bryan, a humble veteran who helped co-found the organization. He and others build tiny livable homes for veterans who are homeless.

We also had the chance to interview Kyle, a recently homeless vet who found a home with VCP. He gave a heartfelt interview about his life as vet and as a father of two, and how he is working hard to make a better life for himself and for his kids.

Team DML graciously donated $500 following the meeting.

More will be revealed in the upcoming films, but to find out more about VCP you can visit there website here.

As DML noted in his video today, we have made some alterations to our trip itinerary. Tomorrow we plan to be in rural Kansas and potentially Arkansas. Everything typically changes by the hour, so stay tuned!

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