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Long roads. Lots of grass. Great people.

The DML Team tackled the state of Kansas today on Day 9 of our national tour.

Our morning began in the small northern town of Marysville, where we hung out with DML News & Entertainment’s very own Anneta Griffee! Anneta is largely responsible for our website’s day-to-day management and postings. Overall, Anneta is one of the most vital members of the DML business conglomerate.

And Anneta also has a beautiful farm! We were given the chance to film and interview her husband Glen, a humble farmer with a very large tractor. Anneta was also interviewed for the upcoming film, America the Beautiful.

Before our departure, DML, David, Ashley and I sat down with the Griffee family for a wonderful lasagna lunch.

Leaving Marysville, we headed south for Winfield. However, on the way we made a detour to The Lost Springs of Kansas, which has an official census population of 67. Saying it felt ghostly is putting it lightly…

We finally arrived to Winfield where we met with the owners of Team Punisher Boxing Club, a local gym functioning in an awesome makeshift warehouse. Thanks to an email from Catrina Nuckles, we got the chance to film some young kids boxing and even interview her son and boxing prodigy, Bryson.

There official Facebook page can be found here.

Tomorrow we make way for Oklahoma City.

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