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Written by DML
Today is Sunday, February 11. This morning I received two submissions from two different DML readers. Both submissions cover completely different topics, but in the end they tie together as one.

In the first submission, a woman named Nancy sent me an email stating she’s been watching me for years.  She’s concerned because she says my “sparkle” is fading. She urges me to leave the news business — she doesn’t want me to drown in the negativity of it all.

She says the sparkle is fading because of my inability to look past the realities of Washington DC, and the growing frustration over the broken promises of the Trump administration. “Life is too short,” she tells me.

The second submission is from Lisa.  She sent me a short video via the Team DML group page on Facebook. The video tells the story of a dying woman (video is below).

Along with the video, Lisa writes: “Screw DACA! President Trump and Congress need to fix Healthcare now. Everyday that goes by is a slap in the face to Americans. The lady in this video is a Dialysis patient. She can’t afford the $30 a week transportation to and from Dialysis. But UC Berkeley wants to give thousands to illegal aliens! Folks our priorities are way out of whack!”

Although Lisa’s frustration is understandable, UC Berkley is not the US government, and therefore I will not blame the school for the hardships facing the lady in the video.  I will however, point the blame at Trump and his do-nothing GOP Congress, who is now working hand and glove with the Democrats to “fix the DACA issue.”

It is estimated that the legalization of 2 million Dreamers will cost Americans $26 billion dollars, not to mention the cost of jobs lost.  And what’s the price you put on a life lost, or a girl raped, or a crime committed by these so-called “Dreamers” who will be empowered to vote for Democrats after they get a background check that lasts no more than 15-minutes.

Nancy is spot on.  I am losing my sparkle.  The reason is this: I can see ahead, and if things remain as they are now the make America great again movement will turn out to be nothing more than a slogan on a hat.

We were made promises, and we were told they’d come to fruition.  We believed this to be true because Trump told us he understood DC and insider politics.  He bragged how for decades he was a huge donor who gamed the system to get what he wanted.  He’d change it all for us once he got elected.

He was going to fix everything, and the result would be we’d all grow tired of winning.  He was right about one thing,  some of us are growing tired.

Trump sold his promises as doable by pointing to his billions of dollars and touting time and again that he wrote the best selling book, “The Art of the Deal”.   As president, he would use his secret formula to get the best deals for Americans.

We were romanced by his term of endearment: “Americans first.”  It was so seductive, even Sean Hannity fell in love.

Trump promised a great big wall that Mexico would pay for.  “Trust me, Mexico will pay for the wall,” he promised.  He never said how he’d do it, but we trusted it would happen.

No amnesty!  He promised over and over again.  He promised, “the chain of amnesties ends with me.”

Meanwhile there is no wall, and there is no talk of Mexico making a payment.  The only tweets we see from him lately highlight the FISA memos (which will result in NOT ONE arrest made), and his burning desire to fix the immigration system by fixing DACA.

When I look back over the past 13-months, I see some really big promises showing signs of falling into the abyss.  But few Trump supporters seem to care.  Perhaps they’re all distracted by Trump’s battle calls against “fake news.”

I know the mainstream media is no friend of the truth, but right now the big promises are proving to be more fake than CNN.

We were promised a total withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Instead, Trump’s added more troops and more money.

We were promised an immediate termination of the Iran nuclear deal.  He’s done nothing but keep it in place, and in doing so provides no reason why.

We were promised the end of NAFTA.  We are now told it is “being negotiated.”  How long will the negotiations last?  I thought the NAFTA deal was cut and dry — it sucks for America.  What’s the hang up?

We were promised a VA system that works.  Meanwhile, each day I receive complaints from veterans who say the VA remains a corrupt agency where bonuses are put before veterans.

We were promised the end of common core.  Meanwhile, my kid’s math homework remains the same as it was under Obama.

We were promised a crackdown on illegal immigration and drug smuggling.  Meanwhile, the borders are wide open.  DHS reported directly to Trump last week that the numbers are getting worse by the week…. more illegal aliens, and more illegal drugs are coming across the border at numbers resembling those of the Obama administration. Why? Because Trump’s new amnesty plan is worse than Obama’s version of DACA.

We were promised less government spending.  But what do we get?  Another $1T added to a $20T deficit, and a spending bill of $400B.

And then there is healthcare.  I say the biggest broken promise connects to Obamacare.  The repeal and replacement is nowhere in sight.  Healthcare is never in his tweets, and therefore it’s not a discussion.

Instead of complaining about not having affordable healthcare, Trump wants us to get drunk on tax cuts that are supposed to amount to $2,000 annually, on average.  For me, $2k is a little more than one month of Obamacare.

Currently, I pay $1,700 per month.  Meanwhile, not one of my family members has a serious ailment, thank God.  Our deductible is outrageous.  All in, for people like me the tax cut is near meaningless.

Speaking of the tax cuts, they too cause me to cringe when thinking about the long term.  Yes, companies like Apple are bringing back the billions they had parked offshore, but how does that help the middle class?

When it’s all said and done, going from 35% to 21% is great for corporate America.  Tack on crafty deductions, and these companies will pay peanuts.  Will the money saved be paid out to you, the hard working employee?  Maybe in some cases, but not in most.

Ultimately, Apple wants cheap labor, and so does every company in America.  Therefore, very little — if any — of the money saved from the corporate tax cuts will go to you.  Most of it will be showered onto shareholders.  Meanwhile, you and I get to keep Obamacare, and watch our 401k melt in a declining stock market.  Tack on inflation setting in and we’re worse off than we were a year ago.  Point in case, have you looked at gas prices lately?

I go back to Nancy and Lisa.  Nancy is 1,000% correct.  My sparkle is barely holding on.  I’m actually numb. I’m so tired of being lied to.  That said, I really do not give one damn about the FISA memo.  Trump won the election, any tactics taken by the Russians, the FBI, Hillary and or Obama failed.  Amen. Now tell me how the memo lowers healthcare rates?  How does the memo prevent amnesty, or stop Iran from building a nuke pointed at New York?  Please Sean Hannity, tell me now. Don’t make me wait for the answer… I’m here waiting….tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.

Lisa is 1,000% correct.  Screw DACA.

In the video below, an AMERICAN CITIZEN tells her local news station that she is WILLING TO DIE because the cost of getting to and from her medical center is too stressful.  A mere $30 per week in travel costs is pushing this woman to take the lesser of two evils.  She would rather die than struggle through the mounting costs.

The last time I saw Americans make such a decision was on 9/11.  People jumped from 80-stories because jumping was the lesser of two horrifying deaths.  I recall on 9/11 looking up at my fellow Americans and feeling helpless.  But that feeling of helplessness eventually turned to anger.  I was pissed off at my government for not protecting this country and as a result, my fellow Americans were left to die.

And so here I am again. This time there is no terrorist, nor is there a plane, bomb or a building on fire.  Instead, there is a reality TV star who made promises he isn’t keeping.  Trump will blame the media, Democrats, and some of his fellow Republicans, but he will never be man enough to take the blame himself because he is far from being Reagan.  Meanwhile, I think he deserves all the blame.  Or in other words, when do we get to see “The Art of the Deal” result in a win?

Trump sold himself as the dealmaker who would put Americans first.  Watch the video below and you tell me how Americans are placed first in line.

The only thing I see is an ego tweeting about fake news, Jay-Z and DACA.  I hear speeches filled with division (notwithstanding, when he’s touting how Sen. Orrin Hatch says “Trump is the greatest president in history.”  Then it’s a lovefest.)

You thought I was the smartest guy in the room when I explained how Trump would overcome the media and win the electoral college.  You didn’t believe me at first, but eventually you came to realize I knew my stuff.   I explained well in advance so many other things that ended up to be true, including the stock market drop.   But for some of you, my ability to see things clearly is no longer appreciated because I’m not saying what you want to hear.  That’s too bad.  In the end, I stand confident that you will be wrong and I will be right, but sadly none of us will win.

If you don’t see the disaster ahead, I urge you to lift the MAGA hat off your eyes and realize the bottom line:  The only thing that will make Trump keep his promises is when he believes you no longer think he’s great.  For as long as you continue to fuel Trump’s ego and avoid talking about his broken promises — like Hannity does on a nightly basis —  then you’re doing nothing but burying the truth and killing the MAGA movement.

I conclude with this question: How many more people will die while Trump and Congress jerk around with DACA?

Break it down. How many veterans will die because they are blown off by the VA?  How many Americans will die because they don’t have healthcare that is affordable?  How many more will die at the hands of an illegal alien?  How many more nukes will Iran build in the back room while we pretend they don’t exist?  How many Marines and service members will have to die in Afghanistan?

Has Trump done some things well?  Absolutely.  Jobs, unemployment, economy, ISIS, Israel…. all commendable actions taken.  But it’s not enough to make me ignore the other problem spots.

If nothing else, it’s un-American for DACA to be a top priority while Americans can’t afford healthcare.  Perhaps I would feel better if Trump would get Mexico to pay for our Obamacare considering they won’t be paying for the wall and NAFTA remains as-is.  Or maybe every American should just set up a Go-Fund-Me account and hope Wall Street will pay their fair share.  Sounds like an Obama idea, but then again so does legalizing DACA.

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