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Trump promised to drain the swamp, which to me meant ridding it of McConnell and Ryan, for starters.

But, as much as I support Trump, he hasn’t approached draining the swamp of McConnell and Ryan in the right manner.

Instead of battling with the media, Trump should have used them to highlight the shortcomings of these two men. But because he battles the media in the way he does, the storyline is now all about the feud between Trump and McConnell.  This being the case, the liberal media will side with McConnell because they hate Trump.

Had I been advising Trump, I would have told him to play it like a game of Survivor. He needed to create alliances with members of Congress who aren’t fond of McConnell and Ryan. There are many out there.

Trump should have found them, and then sold them on the idea that he’d help them be next in line to take the top spots held by the two elitists. In doing so, he could have removed himself from the battle — he could have empowered them to point the light on the shortcomings of both McConnell and Ryan. Trump could have jumped in and taken sides with a tweet or two when the time was right.

But he didn’t do such a thing, and now there’s a price to pay.

Here’s an example of how the media will side with McConnell over Trump…

Tonight, The New York Times is reporting that McConnell is whispering that Trump is lame, and his presidency is more or less over.

The New York Times writes, “Mr. McConnell has fumed over Mr. Trump’s regular threats against fellow Republicans and criticism of Senate rules, and questioned Mr. Trump’s understanding of the presidency in a public speech. Mr. McConnell has made sharper comments in private, describing Mr. Trump as entirely unwilling to learn the basics of governing.

In offhand remarks, Mr. McConnell has expressed a sense of bewilderment about where Mr. Trump’s presidency may be headed, and has mused about whether Mr. Trump will be in a position to lead the Republican Party into next year’s elections and beyond, according to people who have spoken to him directly.

While maintaining a pose of public reserve, Mr. McConnell expressed horror to advisers last week after Mr. Trump’s comments equating white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., with protesters who rallied against them. Mr. Trump’s most explosive remarks came at a news conference in Manhattan, where he stood beside Ms. Chao. (Ms. Chao, deflecting a question about the tensions between her husband and the president she serves, told reporters, “I stand by my man — both of them.”)

NOTE: Ms. Chao is McConnell’s wife. She serves as Trump’s Secretary of Transportation.

I know The NY Times is deemed by many as fake news, but truth is, they are more biased than they are fake, and as often as they get it wrong, they also get it right. Just ask Don Jr.

The article in the Times tonight shows signs that the beginning of the end for meaningful legislation to pass has arrived if Trump doesn’t do something real big, real soon.

I think Trump has to force McConnell and Ryan into a corner by truly exposing their elitist ways. He has to flick the blame off his shoulders and onto those of McConnell and Ryan. But he has to do it in a way that goes further than sending out a tweet — it has to be something that really has teeth.

If I were in a room with Trump, and he asked me what he should and could do to turn the tables, I would tell him to pull out his Trump card.

I believe Trump won the presidency because of his hard-line stance on immigration. Meanwhile, McConnell and Ryan are amnesty pushers. That’s the card he has to play.

I think the president should sign an executive order to undo Obama’s amnesty for “Dreamers.” He should do it tomorrow.

He should then talk to Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions and see what powers he has as president to make e-Verify mandatory, and to begin enforcing fines on employers.

Doing both of these things will smoke out Ryan and McConnell. They will no longer be able to hide behind half-baked rhetoric and talking point statements about immigration reform. With Trump taking bold action, Ryan and McConnell are forced to follow his lead, or pay the price with voters. That said, both are beholden to special interests who want cheap labor — Trump has them dead in the water.

Once Trump makes these two powerful moves, he takes all eyes off Charlottesville, and he puts them back on the key issue of immigration. If and when Ryan and McConnell do not show their support for his two moves, which they will not, Republicans in Congress — especially Trump’s alliances — can lash out at the two leaders for not supporting the rule of law, and for not protecting American lives, and American workers.

Once he does this, Trump can honestly go to the voters and say he has done all that he can do on his own, and that unless voters keep the Republican leadership accountable, making America great again is impossible.

The other GOP lawmakers will suddenly have to chose between the swamp (Ryan and McConnell) and the rule of law. This is how Trump gets the lawmakers back in his corner.

Trump needs more people on his team, and the only way to get them there is by using the rule of law as the magnet. Until he does this, he is playing a no-win game of resistance.

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