As shown in the video below, the protesters who attempted to take a stand against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were removed by police this week. What is left behind is a massive pile of garbage and “human waste piling up” for the city to clean at taxpayers’ expense.

The scene outside Southwest Portland’s US Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters is shown in the video below.

“Frank Savage, who lives across the street from the site, says, “It was pretty disgusting that that’s how they were living back there,” reports KPTV.

Cleanup has begun at what, for five weeks, was the Occupy ICE PDX camp. Portland Police Bureau officers limited access to the site earlier [Wednesday], calling it a biohazard.

The mayor’s office confirmed to FOX 12, the city will pay for a portion of the cleanup bill, as will TriMet. Both are part of the consortium that owns the land on which protesters set up their camp.

Where protesters once stood, now trash litters the ground. But Savage says he’s relieved for things to go back to normal.

“Getting tired of waking up to the bullhorn and the sounds and the cussing,” he said.


  1. These protesters should start being arrested. Never has America been hurt by another political party, who is against everything American. One has openly reported for everyone to stop doing business with Republicans. Openly and with a big mouth. Why should she not be arrested for creating terror in America. This yacht incident could very will be because of her huge mouth. We have laws for all the things going wrong today, From nudity, to harmful protesting. Why are our laws not being implemented. If there is no punishment, they will not stop. Starting with protesters closing roads. What is wrong with law enforcement?

  2. And there you have it folks. The great crying and carrying on, the gnashing of teeth and the ridiculous idiots who encamped themselves all in the name of exactly…..what? To make a disgusting mess, create a bunch of noise and confusion and act like animals. The liberals were so against the Tea Party, but whenever they left a place, there was no litter, nothing destroyed and left the way they found it. That’s the difference between the liberals and conservative type people. Anyone else sick and tired of these “protesters” who have no self control, no common decency and no civic duty? The way to change things is doing it by the LAW! Or doesn’t that apply to them? Too bad they hadn’t been removed before all this got so out of control.

  3. Blame it on the mayor of Portland. All you idiots that voted for him this is what you get. Enjoy the waste of your tax dollars.

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