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  1. Ford said, she had on a one piece bathing suit under her clothes ! He was supposedly too drunk. When they rolled over, she ran into the bathroom until they left. How is that rape ? Knowing boys at that age, they would have been slandering her, and it would have been all over School when School started ! No mention of it anywhere at School ? Maybe she had a crush on Kavanaugh at that time and dreamed the whole thing up? Maybe her lawyer dreamed the whole thing up for her ? I think she has been told what to say by her lawyer and the Senate. She may be just as much a victim as Kavanaugh !

    • I totally aagree with Miriam Allen’s comment above. No one ever heard of this happening? No one spread the gossip?! I do wonder just how drunk she might have been when she arrived at the party she is talking about– that might be why she doesn’t know Where it was, or When it was, or How she got there, or How she got home!?! And I already wondered if she’d had a crush on him, and no response from him caused her to dream this all up!

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