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  1. selfish? Yes. I want to keep my country and stop left wing loons like Steyer and Sorous from destroying it

  2. Right, the average American has $3500.00 in the bank when they retire and now that we get a minor tax cut, “we” are selfish while he has billions of dollars. He should be made to give up all by $3500 of his money and see if he still feels “we” are selfish! I am so sick of these a**holes that I actually will laugh the first time one of their family members gets attacked by MS 13 or other illegal alien. But I’ll be even that won’t wake up these morons.

  3. This clown comes on my local TV channel with some inane and stupid impeach Trump commercial. Tom, you are a billionaire BECAUSE of the capitalist system you so vehemently oppose. Maybe you should take your billions of dollars to Venezuela and try to heal their economy. While there, you might even learn what damage true leftist, liberalism does to a once prosperous country. Tom, to say the least, you are a true buffoon.

  4. Yes, I am selfish, worked hard all my life, raised two good children who are educated and give back to this country and they are super patriotic. Do not want my money going to illegal lawbreakers who come here strictly for the benefits. PROUD TO BE SELFISH

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